19 Mar 2024

From Nigeria to Warwick – Linda’s story

Seniors Living
Linda’s story spans two countries and is filled with hope, sacrifice, hard work, and a strong faith in God.

She is a valued member of our nursing team at Warwick Residential Aged Care and the path she traveled to secure her dream job with us is remarkable. Behind her bubbly exterior, there is a depth to Linda’s story that many residents and coworkers may not realise. 

Working in a bank in Nigeria, Linda was doing OK, but the possibilities for her family’s future were limited. After careful consideration, she and her husband made the difficult decision that it would benefit the family if Linda could further her education and pursue her passion of caring for people. 

The best opportunity to do this was overseas, so she came to Australia to study nursing and begin building the foundations of a new life for her family here. 

Leaving her two young children with their father was one of the hardest things Linda had ever done, but as they couldn’t afford to relocate everyone at once, it was a necessary sacrifice towards a better future. 

Driven by her passion to help people and create new opportunities for her family, Linda embarked on the journey to change her life by supporting the lives of others. 

The plan was to work hard to raise the money for her international education fees and to relocate her family to join her in Australia, all while studying full time. COVID unfortunately extended the timeline of that plan, and Linda faced the challenges of adapting to a new country, navigating cultural differences and loneliness while separated from her family for more than three years. 

Linda worked hard to maintain a strong presence in her children’s lives, often chatting with them on the phone for hours despite the time difference, and even watching their favorite TV shows with them via video chat.

She was able to live with her brother-in-law and his children for a time, but a family tragedy resulted in her taking on the four children that had been in his care. Linda was facing even greater financial challenges, looking after the children here, juggling her final year of study and missing her own children and husband who were still in Nigeria. 

Through faith and perseverance, Linda worked hard to finish her studies, bring her family to Australia, and provide for her newly adopted children. Linda and her husband are now both working with Churches of Christ in Residential Aged Care, and attend church, where they are beautifully supported by the Warwick congregation. 

Linda is a favorite amongst staff and residents alike, as despite the hardships she has experienced she brings joy and comfort to those around her. 

Having worked so hard to move into a nursing career, Linda says “We're always there when someone is in need. If someone gives birth to a baby, when someone dies, when someone's in their hardest moments, you're there. Even just the act of holding their hands through it all is amazing, you know, so this is something that I'm very proud to be doing as a woman.”