15 Apr 2019

Brave shave for a cure

Seniors Living
Ms Green who is passionate about raising awareness and funding research to find a cure for Leukaemia said 'nobody is too old to shave for a cause'.

Aurielle had an audience of over 30 people including residents, staff and volunteers.

“Those diagnosed and suffering from Leukaemia need support and help, and this is the role that I can play.

“My family has been lucky to not suffer from any serious illnesses, but there are many people who are not as lucky. That’s the reason I did it, to help others,” Ms Green said.

Buckingham Gardens Service Manager Pauline Jones, who wielded the clippers, said she had been impressed by Ms Green's determination to raise the money.

“It has all been her idea and we’ve supported her. We decided to have the big party for her to celebrate all her efforts,” Pauline said.

Aurielle will donate $525 to the Leukaemia Foundation in honour of World’s Greatest Shave.