20 Mar 2024

We’re building a LEGO Church.

Our churches
I’d like to share the various ways I think being part of our church is similar to building with LEGO.
  1. You can use different sizes, shapes and colours of LEGO pieces to make a unique creation. The diversity of people in the church is one of the main things which gives us our distinctive character.
  2. Although you can build LEGO structures on your own, some of the most remarkable creations are those which had a group of people working together on them. The church is at its best when people can build upon the ideas of others with freedom and joy.
  3. Working with LEGO encourages innovation. LEGO isn’t a puzzle with only one solution and only one way the pieces can fit together. Building with LEGO is all about multiple, adaptable possibilities because the ways all the pieces can be put together are infinite. I love watching our church being flexible and resilient to create new solutions and opportunities.
  4. The one purpose of LEGO pieces is to connect. Otherwise they make a pile of expensive coloured plastic bits that are very painful when you stand on them. Each piece can be both connected and a connector for others. And there’s always room for more pieces. You are God’s LEGO! You were designed for connection. You were made to contribute to “God’s house” by connecting to one another.

Thanks for adding the piece that is you to our beautiful church.