Our faith

Christian churches guided by the New Testament

We are a group of around 60 affiliated Christian churches, with services attended by people across Queensland each week. 

While we do not have a set creed or written statement of faith, we:

  • Acknowledge Jesus as the only head of the church
  • We model all we do on the life, teachings and example of Jesus as found in the New Testament. 
  • Exclude sectarian names, using the title of Christian only
  • Believe faith is available to anyone who chooses to believe
  • Make Christian character the only real test of membership and fellowship
  • Practice believers’ baptism
  • Observe the Lord’s Supper weekly
  • Establish congregational government, plurality of elders, the rights of lay leaders to lead, and congregational cooperation and support
  • Work towards the union of all followers of Christ so that the world will believe.

Learn more about our faith: Our churches

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