Housing Services mark Homelessness Week

Churches of Christ in Queensland marked Homelessness Week 2019 to raise awareness of people experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless, the issues they face and the action needed to achieve enduring solutions.

This year’s theme ‘Housing ends homelessness’ closely aligns with our commitment to prevention and early intervention.

Homelessness is a prevalent and complex issue in Australia which impacts men, women and children for many reasons. During this significant week, we reflect on the value of having a safe and secure home and the impact it has on an individual’s ability to access. One of these being a lack of connection with personal, social, and community support.

The DigiAsk outreach service is one of the many programs we have to support individuals find pathways out of homelessness. It recognises how ‘digital exclusion’ can impede an individual’s ability to not only establish and maintain support systems but more generally to find a route into a home and from there, into employment or education. When already marginalised, an individual’s ability to establish and maintain support systems for housing is very difficult and the process can take much longer.

DigiAsk offers patrons a dedicated mobile digital support outreach service available every week at multiple locations across Brisbane. DigiAsk offers one-on-one digital support, phone charging facilities, internet access, and assistance navigating online resources. Our most popular service is the provision of a free reconditioned smart phone. In providing this service we help the individual become or remain ‘connected’ to the community in which they are living, to their family and friends, and to specialist services providing support. Our service is free and inclusive and is somewhat unique. 

Access to digital services is no longer a luxury. It’s essential. For those most vulnerable in our society DigiAsk is able to provide help where previously there hasn’t been any such service available.

In 2018 Churches of Christ Housing Services assisted 3,221 people obtain safe, affordable and secure housing through its programs.

It is our belief that having a stable long-term home is a fundamental foundation to the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of individuals and families.

Without a safe place to call home, it is impossible for people to deal with other aspects of their live such as mental health, education, employment and participating in their community.

Churches of Christ in Queensland is thrilled to receive further funding for the DigiAsk outreach service from the Federal Government to continue to provide digital assistance to Queenslanders. Posted August 15, 2019 in News