Faith in the third world

It is easy to have faith when you live in Australia. We have faith in our car to get us from A to B, knowing that it has been serviced and there is fuel readily available, and a great road to drive on.  Likewise, we have faith that when we are in need of urgent medical attention we can access reliable medical care close to home or even in coming to our house in the middle of the night. 

But what if there was only a small possibility of a doctor being available? Would you have faith to make that phone call or trip to the medical centre along an unmarked, dirt road and hope that they would be able help you, that the light would be on and the door unlocked?

Every day, patients of Medical Santo exhibit this faith, making the call late at night and during the day, hoping, praying and having faith that their calls will be answered. 

Doctors from all around the world also take that step of faith when they board the plane to Vanuatu, set to volunteer at a small medical centre on a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean, and in doing so help transform the lives of its people.  

Faith is confidence or trust in a particular person, thing or concept. Every day patients and volunteers make that step to trust and have faith in Medical Santo and its team.

Over and over again we see faith and hope working hand-in-hand as patients put their lives into an unknown doctor’s hands. They have shown faith and been given hope when at times everything around them seems hopeless. 

It could be the young women dying of cancer, her family reaches out in faith that she may be healed, and while this is unlikely, they are given hope that she may be comforted and die with dignity. 

The older gentleman who has had a stroke puts faith in the community-based inclusive development worker to show him a better way to move around and meet life's new challenges. 

The seriously ill mum suffering from fish poisoning whose family takes her to Medical Santo with unequivocal faith that she will be physically healed.  

Faith is observed in action over and over again as patients trust Medical Santo to meet their needs today and in the future as we continue to change lives in Northern Vanuatu by bringing the light of Christ into these communities.

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Posted Decenber 5, 2019 in Networking blog