Donations continue life of mission

Medical Santo does not receive any government funding, with the service relying on donations from individuals and organisations to deliver its vital services.

Pauline Reinersten makes regular donations to Medical Santo. For Pauline, she wants to see the service be able to continue to deliver care that she was privileged to provide for decades as a nurse in the archipelago.

When Pauline was 20 years old, she decided that she would like to travel while also perfecting her nursing before she married. Through the grapevine, she heard that India would be a great place for her to start, so applied to go as a missionary. After being approved to go to India, she was approached to go to Vanuatu where they felt the need was greater at the time.

Pauline understood she would follow her faith in God and go to Vanuatu. In 1949 Pauline arrived by boat to Maevo, one of the islands in the Penama Province of northern Vanuatu. She was given a bamboo house on stumps, with a wooden floor, to live in. She remembers that there were millipedes everywhere and she would often hear the animals of the Island at night. After a stint at the local school, which helped her settle into the community, Pauline’s ongoing job was giving vaccinations and helping the pregnant women of the island.

There are plenty of stories to tell about the daily happenings in Pauline’s role, but the main ones she can remember and talk about involve earthquakes and cyclones and the other missionaries who did so much for the people of Vanuatu. Pauline had malaria a couple of times and treated herself; she lived through many natural disasters, which added to the adventure. Her only regret was hearing about her mother passing away by telegraph and not being able to attend the funeral.

Pauline said that her time in Vanuatu from 1949 to the early 1960s was the best and most rewarding years of her life. When she returned to Australia, she continued her missionary work. Pauline’s faith in God is strong and she regularly attends her local Church of Christ services, and makes a big effort to remain connected with the many friends she has made here in Australia and around the world.

Her donations support the work still being done in northern Vanuatu through the provision of medical services and health programs by Medical Santo.

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Posted September 20, 2017 in Networking blog