Chief Executive Officer Update, December 2019

Another year comes to an end at Churches of Christ in Queensland. Throughout the year our faith has remained strong as we have steadfastly continued to deliver our mission of bringing the light of Christ into communities.

Faith is one of the five elements expressed in our new Churches of Christ Way (CofCWay). In all that we do, we come with faith. We believe that God is the source of all good things and that He is constantly bringing His light into communities. He works in us, through us and sometimes in spite of us to restore and build lives, homes and communities. We bring the best of our own efforts while also having faith that God works alongside us. We are not alone in our mission and this timeless mystery challenges, shapes, informs and directs all of our efforts.

Annual Report 2018-19

The release of our Annual Report 2018-19 captures some of our activities from the past financial year. We are proud to have impacted over 30,000 lives through our services in Queensland, Victoria and Vanuatu. It would not have been possible without our 3,665 staff, 1,060 volunteers and prayerful commitment from our 64 member churches. I encourage you to view the Annual Report 2018-19 and the consolidated financial report  and delve into our wonderful achievement in the past financial year.

Thank you to our affiliated Churches, staff, volunteers, clients and our partners and communities for your continued support in 2018-19, we look forward to an even better 2019-20.

Church and service visits

This year, I have been privileged to visit so many of our churches and services to promote our new Strategic Plan and as part of the ‘I Love Aged Care’ tour. I have also more recently visited our dedicated staff in our Children, Youth and Families services, connecting with those who are working tirelessly to support vulnerable children, young people and families.

Thank you all for the hospitality afforded to myself and the members of our leadership, Board and Council in tow.

Sanctuary recertification

Congratulations to our Children, Youth and Families services following their recertification under the Sanctuary Model of Care. The service has been certified since 2013, and has been certified for another three years. This recertification is a major milestone and cements its commitment to providing understanding care to children, young people and their families, creating a better future for all.

Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety

The interim report for the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety was released on 31 October. The Commission was established by the Federal Government in September 2018 to look at how older people are cared for and explore  what needs to change to make aged care services better. Churches of Christ in Queensland supports the Royal Commission and has lodged written submissions to support its work.

The Commission has found Australia’s aged care system fails to meet the needs of its older people and does not deliver safe and quality care. Aged and community care groups, associations and peak bodies have welcomed the interim report as a signal for change to the aged care system.

The Commission has called for change and said in its interim report ‘we owe it to our parents, our grandparents, our partners, our friends. We owe it to strangers. We owe it to future generations. Older people deserve so much more.’ At Churches of Christ in Queensland, we agree wholeheartedly.

We are committed to leading and collaborating with others across the system so that every older Australian who needs high quality care and support, whether that be in the comfort of their home or at a residential aged care service, receives it when they need it—with kindness, dignity and without discrimination.          

Bringing the light of CHRISTmas to communities

This year, how can you bring the true meaning of Christmas into your communities? I invite you to consider the Churches of Christ Way this holy festive season, and how the elements of welcome, wellbeing, home, community and faith can play a part. For example:

Welcome – Who will you make room for this Christmas?

Wellbeing - How will you care for yourself this Christmas?

Home - How will you find your way home this Christmas?

Community - How will you share joy with your colleagues this Christmas?

Faith - What are you hoping and praying for this Christmas?

I hope that by reflecting on these questions and considering the elements that make up the Churches of Christ Way, we are all able to bring the joy of Christmas to ourselves and those around us in a more meaningful way.

I wish you all a holy and blessed Christmas.

Thank you

I would like to thank the Board and Council for their support throughout 2019. They have had a challenging year, with a number of large decisions made to shape our future and keep us moving towards achieving both our strategic goals and our mission. You can read an update about their year in the following pages. 

Gary Edwards
Chief Executive Officer

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