CYCLE – practical hope for young people

The Child, Youth Centre for Learning and Employment (CYCLE program) is an innovative program that we established in 2015 to re-engage young people in their education. The overall goal of the program is to help young people improve the literacy and numeracy skills, complete their senior schooling and any other certificate, vocational or tertiary qualifications they need to achieve their goals and establish themselves with a strong footing for the future.

New hope for a future

John is 15 years old and has experienced significant trauma throughout his short life. Due to issues of drug misuse and domestic and family violence, he has been separated from his mother and his siblings. He is just like many children and young people living in out-of-home care.

John had an interrupted schooling experience due to behaviours as a result of his traumatic childhood, and attended multiple schools before being excluded. He last attended school when he was in Year 8.

John is taking part in the CYCLE program, and since commencing he has not missed a day. He is now completing his schooling through distance education, and despite enrolling in his first term back late, he successfully passed.

John has repeatedly expressed his wishes to complete Year 9 and 10 through the CYCLE program, and wants to begin an apprenticeship while studying Year 10, so that he can complete his senior schooling and then transition on to full-time employment.

The CYCLE program

Our Children, Youth and Families team realised that young people out-of-home care for any length of time are vulnerable to becoming disengaged with their education or achieving diminishing results, and had a distinct lack of support around them to turn things around.

For young people living in out-of-home care, only 53 per cent will complete Year 10 or below, and only 35 per cent will complete Year 12.

Each young person in CYCLE receives an individual plan and the tailored support they need to achieve their educational goals, such as John above.

There are hopes to expand the service to other areas of the state and assist more young people achieve their goals. It is also hoped that CYCLE can implement its own curriculum, in-line with the national curriculum.

Invest with us – invest in them

This vital program receives no external or government funding. We need your support to expand our service and give hope for the future to the most vulnerable of young people.

Please invest with us to give practical hope to these young people.

How can you get involved?

Become a regular or once-off donor: CYCLE is solely funded by Churches of Christ in Queensland and we need donors to help us expand the program and continue to develop and improve the model. Email or phone 1800 600 900 to invest in this program.

Read the CYCLE case for support.

Become a volunteer: Could you teach a practical skill or offer your time to walk alongside young people as they learn? Contact or phone 1300 760 622.

Posted September 20, 2017 in Networking blog