CEO update

I have a longstanding connection and commitment to Churches of Christ in Queensland having served as a Board and Council member for several years, and before that various roles across a range of commercial and not-for-profit industries.

My passion is to bring the light of Christ into communities and I am honoured to serve in a role that sees this come into being.

I know that for us at Churches of Christ in Queensland, this is only possible if we travel the road together.

It’s a rocky road at times, where we can take missteps or lose momentum. It is also a very privileged and rewarding road to walk along, together, not only for those we serve, but for each other.

Our foundations, all that we have achieved and what we will continue to achieve, rests on the shoulders of those who have gone before us. And indeed those who will come after us.

Our road has been a spiritual and physical journey that has brought us to where we are today, it’s one that we continue along.

In taking up the role as CEO, I step down as Chair of the Churches of Christ in Queensland Board. As of 1 September our new Board Chair is Ken Ewald.

Ken re-joined Churches of Christ in Queensland Board of Directors in 2014, after having served for some 18 months in 2009/2010, and has been an active member of the Finance & Infrastructure Committee since that time. Ken has many years’ experience as a senior executive within the financial planning and risk advisory sector, along with owning a farming enterprise, and is actively involved in several Charitable Boards. Ken attends Redlands Church of Christ and has done so for over 25 years. Ken brings with him, not only sound business experience, but a heart and passion for our Church movement and the people that we care for day to day.

Churches of Christ in Queensland continues to be led by a talented leadership team with the support and guidance of the Board and Council, who remain totally committed to our reason for being and are available to listen to you, hear, respond and act on what you have to say.

I ask you to please pray for wisdom and guidance—for us as individuals in the roles we occupy and as an organisation.

There has been so much good work undertaken in our communities and our services, which we heard about at Centrifuge and witness in the pages of Networking ahead, and our eyes remain set firmly ahead, on the best which is yet to come.

You’ll read about some of these accomplishments and the wonderful impact we have made on the lives of many individuals, for many of these people they have come to us and found hope.

As you read this edition of Networking, I hope you are inspired and that we can come together as one—in unity.

New committees

As an organisation, we are committed to ensuring that we have a space that is safe for all. In 2017, our Council determined that the Professional Standards Unit required a refresh due to changes in the environment our churches now operate. The Council now has two new sub committees to oversee professional standards of our churches and church leadership: The Ministry Ethics Unit and the Healing and Redress Group. For more information about these committees, please contact the Governance group at

Annual General Meeting and Ministers Forum

I look forward to seeing you all the Annual General Meeting on 9 November and Ministers Forum over 8-9 November. These will be held at the Churches of Christ Campus Kenmore Community Centre, in the Auditorium.

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Posted September 21, 2018 in Networking blog