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Dean’s treatment is progressing well, and he remains interested in, and well connected to, the goings on of the organisation. You can read a note that Dean has asked we share with you on this page. To say that thousands of people are praying for Dean, Janette and family would not be an exaggeration, and I know he is buoyed by the prayers and support.

In Dean’s absence we will continue to actively pursue the direction for the organisation set out in our strategic plan, and will be particularly focused on: our new build projects (and related commissioning activity) at Kenmore, Stanthorpe, Warwick and Meridan; on continuing to develop the work of our Strategic Action Leadership Teams; and doing whatever else we need to fulfil our mission of bringing the light of Christ into communities.

We use our Strategic Plan as a guide, goal planner and health check to ensure we are on the right track. Adjoining this article I share only a few of our major highlights from a recent report compiled for our Board and Council. In each edition of Networking there will be an update on our progress in meeting the strategic priorities set out in the plan as we head towards the end of its timeframe in 2018. We will post a summary of these on the website for those interested.

The theme of this edition of Networking is Christ-centred spirituality and you’ll find enclosed some great content from throughout our movement on this topic. As you read you’ll discover this is a broad topic that means different things to different people. That is one of the great things about Churches of Christ, we are a broad church (so to speak) that has the space to respect a diversity of views.  

When I reflect on spirituality it takes me to a very deep place. I believe every person is a spiritual being and I know God’s spirit is within. My spirituality can’t be summed up easily in a book, let alone a column: it’s not issued off a shelf, or acquired from someone else. For me the notion of ‘spirituality’ and ‘the Spirit’ are inseparable. I feel closest to the Spirit when there is inner stillness, often enhanced when there is outer quietness. Interestingly, that’s not necessarily when I feel closest to God (complex I know). I actually feel closest to God when in the great outdoors; especially when the elements are at their most extreme.

I encourage you all to exercise your spirituality in our 40 Days of Prayer which started on 1 March. This yearly initiative brings together everyone from our churches, care services and the general community in prayer, holding up all aspects of Churches of Christ and the wider community. Find out more as you read this issue of Networking.

David Swain
Acting Chief Executive Officer


To all my friends and colleagues

I want to thank everyone for their continued prayers and for the support expressed in so many ways to Janette and I while I have been in hospital. I am receiving excellent care and the medical staff are pleased with my progress so far. I look forward to seeing you all when I am back on my feet.

Regards, Dean Phelan

Major highlights from the Strategic Plan 2015 – 18 so far

  • Three new congregations have affiliated with Churches of Christ in Queensland in 2016: Eikon Community, Beth-El Church and Mountain Top Community Church.
  • 17 significant planning retreats and sessions with a number of our local churches.
  • Developed training package entitled 'Understanding our Churches' to assist our staff to support churches.
  • Specialists in areas including youth, children, over 50's ministries, caring for our ministering persons, Deeper Rhythms team.
  • 60% of our affiliated churches on a local Strategic Action Leadership Team.
  • 135 (76% ministering person cohort) attended 2016 Ministers Forum.
  • 2016 Centrifuge hosted a record 302 attendees.
  • 80 young leaders attended the Leadership Teams Weekend in July 2016.
  • 150 young people attended FUSE Camp in January 2016 and well over 200 in January 2017.
  • 200 young adults attended inaugural L10 conference in September 2015 and over 230 in September 2016.
  • Community specific Kingdom Access Places (activities outside of ‘core’ service streams), currently number 48, with over 3,300 people regularly engaged and connected.
  • A 40 bed community housing development has been completed at Acacia Ridge and has been funded 80% by the Queensland Government.
  • Successful tenders in Children, Youth and Families early intervention and prevention, including a Family and Child Connect service and four Intensive Family Support services since July 2015.
  • Head Office building was completed and occupied in April 2016.
  • Land donated to value of $2.5m in Kallangur for construction of a 50 unit affordable housing development.

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Posted March 2, 2017 in Networking blog