Bringing change together

Churches of Christ in Queensland has strong links with Vanuatu, born out of the cane fields in North Queensland in the late 1800’s. This relationship lives on in our local churches around the State.
Queenslanders love an adventure. Each year teams visit and support local churches and communities in many ways across Vanuatu. All who sign-up for this adventure come back with a new appreciation and baskets filled with blessings. Many say the experience has changed them forever, with their first trip not being their last.

It is not always possible for everyone to visit, but there are ways to be involved. Sanctuary Park Church of Christ in Nambour, have been actively supporting the Bombua High School on the island of Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu, building a relationship based on our shared faith.

The Bombua High School was handed to Church of Christ Conference Vanuatu administration in late 2016. On my first visit I was asked to make a list of what the school may need. I came away with two things on my list: prayer and a bulldozer!

Church of Christ Londua College, previously located in West Ambae, was evacuated to Bombua due to the continuing volcanic eruption on Ambae Island. It was decided to combine the two campuses, to be now known as Bombua/Londua Campus.

Student numbers have doubled to accommodate pupils from the displaced Londua College. Today the student population is approximately 200, with the majority being of pupils being boarders.
During a recent visit I was excited to take part in the Official Opening Ceremony of the Boarding Masters House. This new building was funded in partnership with Sanctuary Park Church of Christ and Global Mission Partners (GMP). 

There was a celebration filled with excitement, as this building will support students boarding with an onsite Boarding Master 24/7. With the support of our churches, the school will also have a chaplain who will encourage, guide and care for the students, particularly in healing those affected by the traumatic volcanic events on Ambae Island in the past year.

The school has a comprehensive building plan, including classrooms, sanitation and water infrastructure due for completion in early-2020.

Many who have contributed to these projects will never have the opportunity to visit. But together with our shared faith, we can bring change in Vanuatu.

Want to know more? Go to or contact Vicki Marney GMP Partnership Co-ordinator Queensland on 1800 467 222

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Posted December 5, 2019 in Networking blog