Award winning homes

The townhouses received the award as they deliver well considered design, construction quality, and diversity of product focussed around a community centre and adjacent open space. The development considered both lifecycle costs and practical sustainable initiatives within a tight budget.

The project received strong market acceptance from individuals and families in need of safe and quality accommodation at an affordable price.

The first residents started moving into the $10.6 million development in late-2017, with 91 residents now residing in the 50 single and double storey townhouses with one, two and three bedrooms.

Frances said it was a privilege to be recognised for an achievement that brings significant benefits to the local community.

“When we developed the townhouse complex we were committed to creating vibrant, engaging communities, which emphasised social inclusion, safety, diversity and affordability.

“The townhouses are architecturally designed, modern, attractive, high quality homes, which provide excellent places for residents to live and complement the neighbourhood.

“We’re so pleased that while we developed an affordable living context, we did not compromise on design or finish.

“We are incredibly grateful to Ian and Neva Handy for their generous donation which made this development possible. Their kindness will provide hope for generations to come.

“Thank you everyone involved in developing and delivering this project for your energy and commitment, it is a truly remarkable result,” Frances said.

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Posted December 12, 2018 in Networking blog