The future of our history for five years

On a beautiful, clear Saturday in May 2013, the Historical Resource Centre (HRC) officially opened at the Churches of Christ Campus Mitchelton, with a certain amount of pomp and ceremony but mainly a sense of thanksgiving.

Why thanksgiving? Because the HRC’s ‘birth’ day was actually 26 April 1960, when a group of dedicated volunteers established the Historical Committee and for the next 53 years they kept alive the dream of collecting, preserving and protecting the history and memories of Churches of Christ in Queensland.

Part of the Committee’s dream was a permanent, dedicated facility to house the growing collection. This however was always somewhat of a struggle.

The C R Burdeu Memorial Archives

The C R Burdeu Memorial Archives came close and served for nearly 25 years as part of the Kenmore Christian College Campus until 1999.

The establishment and opening of the purpose built centre, with a paid, parttime Support Officer for the first time in its history, was certainly a day of celebration for all those who had faithfully served and
supported the archives over many years.

When reaching milestones like memorable anniversaries we usually take a moment to reflect on what has happened or what has been achieved. Below is an overview of activities and achievements over the past five years.

After several months of ‘drying out’ the collection, a state of the art, environment controlled facility was established. The facility with controlled lighting, and a constant temperature of 20 degrees celcius and 50 per cent relative humidity, means our historical collection has a better chance of surviving the rigors of time than it ever had before 2013.

Some key statistics include:

  • Since 2013 over 600 items have been received and added to our extensive collection
  • Items from over 100 live and decommissioned churches have been sorted in various categories
  • Over 15,000 photographs, books, church histories, reports and journals have been digitised
  • 90% of our precious objects and memorabilia are on permanent display
  • We have an extensive collection of books covering the history and beliefs of Church of Christ in Queensland, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and the United States.

All of this means that both internal and external research requests can usually end in a positive response.

Historical education

An important function of the HRC has been education. Whether a casual visitor, tour group, staff development or visiting dignitaries, the HRC’s track record has been one of positive and encouraging

In 2015 the HRC applied for and was successful in having the Stephen Cheek Memorial in Warwick cleaned and restored to its original condition, ensuring that the historically significance of Stephen Cheek is not lost to future generations.

For some time now the HRC has been looking for a suitable computer program to assist in the management of the archives. A Collection Management System called EMu has been purchased and installed. It will hold all of HRC’s information, knowledge and history in one secure place.

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Posted June 13, 2018 in Our blog