The Terminator inspires volunteer Mike

Everyone has their own reasons for deciding to volunteer, Mike’s decision came about after listening to a podcast from Arnold Schwarzenegger. During the podcast, ‘The Terminator’ discussed how he thinks volunteering is incredibly important.

“Arnie talked about how good it made him feel and how many people need help and how everyone should do it,” Mike said. This really resonated with him, so he started exploring volunteer opportunities.

Mike is a personal trainer and he practices at a martial arts gym nearby to Chesterville Retirement Village in Cheltenham Victoria. After discovering that the village was open to accepting volunteers, he applied for a position.

Mike now donates around two hours per week of this time to helping out with minor maintenance duties such as changing lightbulbs for the residents. He is also responsible for tending to the gardens, which he finds therapeutic.

Volunteering not only gives Mike a sense of achievement and pride, he also feels that the residents benefit from having him around … even if sometimes it is just for a quick chat as he carries out his work.

As the first volunteer for Chesterville Retirement Village, Mike holds a very important place in the hearts of the staff and residents. He was very thankful when at National Volunteer Week he was presented with a gift card and he enjoyed a cuppa and yummy orange poppy cake with staff.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, visit our volunteering website for more information.

Posted June 1, 2017 in Our blog