On the road to independence

For Dean and Daniel, finding a stable home and receiving the support they need means they are on the road to independence.

The young men were part of the Churches of Christ Housing Services and Ipswich Independent Youth Services pilot program ‘Supported People in Share Housing’ (SPin) program, which through providing safe and stable home with the support of experienced case managers has helped them overcome barriers to independence and out of homelessness.

At a young age Dean and Daniel’s family and living situations had broken down and they didn’t have anywhere to go or didn’t feel safe in the place they were staying in. They came to the service at different times but with the same need to find some stability and get support to start afresh.

Daniel moved from his small hometown to Brisbane at the age of 18 and lived with his grandfather for nearly two years and started studying a course in digital media and interactive gaming. However, when conflict started at home, he decided to move out with friends from college. They didn’t know at the time but the primary tenant of the new property was a dangerous addict. The stresses of living there were too much for Daniel to attend college, as he would often stay awake all night fearing for his safety. Through some old friends and case workers, he eventually found Ipswich Independent Youth Services who offered him a safe place to live and a new start.

Dean, meanwhile, left home at 11 and constantly moved around, in and out of homelessness.

They were matched to live together by Ipswich Independent Youth Services, and quickly became friends.

According to Dean, it only took an hour of living under the same roof before they became friends. It’s clear to see what a great friendship they have formed – bouncing off each other in conversation and break out in fits of laughter. They make a good team and work well together to ensure bills are paid on time and the household chores and cooking is shared equally between them.

The SPin program has helped them take a new positive direction in their lives and find a pathway out of homelessness by providing them with the guidance and opportunity to gain experience and skills to manage the pros and cons of share-housing in a supported environment.

The boys have transitioned now into a new share-house arrangement in a private rental.

Dean has been able to address some issues and sort out his finances and is currently seeking work in hospitality, while Daniel has identified that he has a keen interest in a career in Information and Communication Technology and is working towards completing a course in it. They will continue to receive support to help them take the steps towards the lives they deserve and aspire to.

Posted August 24, 2017 in Our blog