Integrated communities, delivering choices for communities

At Churches of Christ, our integrated communities are informed by the needs of the local community and based on individual needs. They allow residents to access services and social supports that are available on the campus where they feel safe, respected and valued.

Campuses offer holistic care and service in a location where the broader community can benefit from the additional services provided. Our integrated communities are located across Queensland and in Victoria. They’re a mixture of care and support services, depending on the local communities’ needs.

Our integrated community model is not a group of buildings in one location but a philosophy of holistic client care and service.

  • Our campuses are uniquely planned. Each campus is designed to foster community spirit and cohesion.
    • We don’t just provide a co-location of mixed single purpose accommodation and services. Rather, it’s an integrated community where all client services are seamlessly interconnected.
    • Residents have access to services and social supports available on the campus in an environment where everyone can feel safe, respected and valued
    • The broader community can benefit from additional services provided
  • We offer housing options and seamless service provision for seniors in the form of:
  • We support people to age-in-place surrounded by their existing social and health networks:
    • residents of community housing and retirement living apartments are able to receive care services in their own homes
    • apartments are designed to accommodate residents who may require higher levels of care within their own homes at a future date
    • low and high care, meals, domestic assistance, social support, pastoral care and other services are available.

Community environment

In a true community environment, all residents are welcome to join in campus activities and lifestyle programs.

Residents can contribute to a vibrant community where people care for others and are cared for and valued themselves, and the broader community benefit from the services offered.

Our integrated community campuses brings together the care, church community and support services to work collaboratively for the uplift of residents and the broader community.

Find out more about our integrated communities currently underway: Warwick (completion September 2018), Little Mountain (completion early 2019) and commencement of the first stage at the Gold Coast.

Posted September 11, 2018 in Our blog