Delivering on our commitment to reconciliation

In October 2017, we released our second Reconciliation Action Plan.

This Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) October 2017 – October 2019 continues the work we commenced in the first plan released in 2015.

Manager Inclusion and Diversity, Lindy Drew-Tsang, said that a number of in-roads had been made in the first six months since the plan was released and we are on track to meeting its deliverables for areas across the organisation.

Indigenous Advisory Committee

Tammy Wallace, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagement Leader, with Churches of Christ Care, Children, Youth and Families, has championed the establishment of the Indigenous Advisory Committee, Gili Burra. Gili Burra plays a critical role in influencing the work we do within Children, Youth and Families to achieve better outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, families and communities.

Specifically, the members of Gili Burra provide expert cultural advice to inform policy, program, engagement and practice.

Family Matters

“Moving forward, and as part of our commitment to the Family Matters Campaign, one of the key focus areas for the committee is reducing the overrepresentation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in care. We will also be strengthening cultural support planning for Indigenous children and young people in care to ensure they are safe, supported and connected to culture, kin and  community.” Tammy said.

Also as part of the RAP, the Indigenous Cultural Guidelines Development Group has begun to develop building and landscape guidelines to be integrated with the organisation’s standard design principles.

“The guidelines will provide opportunities for Indigenous business partnerships that support engagement, employment, training and work experience through the development of our new builds,
furnishings and landscaping. We will also be committed to ensuring the participation of Traditional Custodians in the development of design concepts and position of our new developments and at each of our sites will continue to develop relationships with Traditional Custodians, Elders and local Indigenous communities.”

Strategic action leadership teams

A key force behind developing relationships with the local Traditional Owners, Elders and Indigenous communities will be our local-level Strategic Action Leadership Teams, who are prioritising  engagement with these groups and individuals in their areas. To support this, Max Conlon, our Indigenous Mission Action Partner, has been providing cultural support and training to our chaplaincy and mission teams.

A video detailing our RAP has been released, and is shown to all staff members at their orientation. You can watch the video on our website.

Our new Reconciliation Action Plan Officer saw the video as part of her orientation, and provided the following review:

“As a proud Aboriginal woman, and a new staff member to the organisation, I was really thrilled to watch such a wellorchestrated short video on the RAP movement occurring across Churches of Christ in Queensland. Viewing the video made me feel comfortable and at home knowing there is a genuineness to walk together with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, family and community to build relationships, work for social justice and support groups for action.”

“It has been a busy six months in implementing our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan, and we look forward to achieving so much more in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander colleagues, families and communities,” Lindy said.

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Posted June 14, 2018 in Our blog