60 diamond years for Camp Hill Churches of Christ

On 10 June Camp Hill Church of Christ celebrated its 60th Anniversary with a Thanksgiving Gathering before a morning tea at the local Whites Hill State College, followed by a celebration service and lunch.

For a few years now, the local Camp Hill Church had been feeling God’s calling to move away from the building that had been a wonderful centre for the work and activities of the church family for over 60 years.

New base

The need for extensive repairs to the roof and water problems under the building, have, after much prayer, brought the church to seek a new base for God’s work in Camp Hill.

The nearby Whites Hill State College will provide the facilities for this new base.

The college, which caters for students in Prep to Year 12, is well known to many members of the church family, with many involved with the school over the years.

The school has continually affirmed its focus of our future mission—to help grow a community of care, a community where families, students and staff feel like they are loved, belong and can

At the first meeting with the school leadership team about meeting at the school, the church declared that due to structural issues, they were going to demolish the building.

“You are going to demolish your church?” the Principal exclaimed.

A church is the people

Which was answered by another member of the school leadership team: “No, the church is not a building - it is the people. You can’t demolish the people.”

And so, with mixed feelings of sadness, fear and excitement, Camp Hill Church of Christ hosted the very special ‘60Plus’ celebration—to celebrate the amazing and wonderful work that God has done in and through the church building at 18 Third Street, Camp Hill.

Officially, the church celebrated its 60th birthday in 2017, but a celebration was not able to be held, they are marking the milestone this year with the ‘60Plus’, which marks the extra year they were in their building, waiting for God’s leading as He makes His place for the future - and the ‘Plus’ for everything that God does through His church in Camp Hill into the future.

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Posted June 14, 2018 in Our blog