Wattle apartments in bloom

    Completed in February 2017, the $15.6 million Wattle Apartments development at Acacia Ridge provides 40 thoughtfully designed homes for over 55s previously living in under-occupied public housing.

    Built on underutilised land adjacent to Churches of Christ Care existing Brig-O-Doon Aged Care Service and Retirement Village, the development forms part of an innovative integrated community.

    We meet two of Wattle Apartment’s first residents, Brenda McGinnis and James Reid, as they settle into their brand new abodes.


    “Easy to clean, nice and quiet neighbours and I don’t have to mow the lawn anymore,” listed Brenda of the positives of her recent move to Wattle Apartments.

    Coming from a three-bedroom house with a yard into a one bedroom unit with a balcony, the grandmother is enjoying time off from maintenance required in a bigger place.

    “Carpet is only in the bedroom and with the rest being tiles it is just a quick mop,” explained Brenda of her new cleaning routine.

    Having events organised for her through the community chaplain is also another appealing feature of the apartments.

    Working as a bingo promoter during the week, Brenda says depending on her days, she can be either full of beans or exhausted when she gets home.

    “Sometimes I may feel like company, other times not so much so I am really looking forward to getting to know a few of the other residents better at activities in the common area.”

    “Not that I didn’t like living near teenagers and young families, I just didn’t realise how much I would enjoy being around people my own age.”


    "As happy as Larry" is how James Reid describes his status as one of the newest residents of Wattle Apartments.

    “I’ve not had to change a thing except my address.”

    An Acacia Ridge local for 48 years, James has watched his children through school, then adulthood and now with their own lives and families. He has also watched the local area expand.

    Describing his move as the smoothest of transitions, James says there’s been little disruption in his life.

    “The same bank, the same doctor, the same church, I am even still able to catch up with my regular coffee friends.

    There’s also a local healthy heart walking group I belong to locally and I like to catch up a few times a week for exercise with those folks. This area has so much to offer for so many age groups.”

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    Posted June 26, 2017 in Seniors blog