Regency Park residents shine on

    Shine WOMEN is a personal development program that aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to develop greater self-awareness and personal growth. It reinforces the uniqueness of every individual and celebrates their different strengths, qualities and skills. It also addresses issues such as low self-esteem, poor self-acceptance, condemnation, low confidence and those negative core beliefs formed from childhood that may have impacted negatively on the individual.

    Residents from Regency Park Retirement Village in Warwick were the latest to take part in the Shine WOMEN program.

    Welcomed by Retirement Living Manager Chris Newley, the program guided eight women from the village through the nine-week program facilitated by Modupe Akib and Yvonne Muller.

    Learning and Development Facilitator Modupe was inspired by the women’s transformation over the program.

    “One of the participants acknowledged that her lack of confidence in self and low self-esteem emanated from her father who believed that women could amount to nothing. Shine WOMEN has definitely assisted in boosting her confidence, and knowing that she has worth. The feelings that came with seeing her blossom like a flower and shine at the end of the program are inexplicable,” Modupe said.

    In the first week, the women took part in a session where they were to mention their name and affirm “I am valuable” to themselves and the group. One woman didn’t consider herself valuable enough to be able to bring herself to say it.

    “After a quiet chat she went away, and came back the next week after time of self-reflection and journaling, she called out her name and affirmed ‘I am valuable’. It was very empowering.

    “It was really heart-warming and encouraging to see those, who according to them, hardly ever played an active role in the village pair up with others to join for swimming, yoga, exercises and other available activities in the village.”

    Chris Newley has seen the positive impact the program has had with residents who were unable to attend hearing about the inspiring program and putting their names on a waiting list to attend the next.

    “Not only has Shine WOMEN allowed our residents to participate in experiential and interactive activities that boost their social and interpersonal skills, they have found the nine weeks together most valuable,” Modupe said.

    The women who took part in the empowering program were grateful for the experience, with feedback including “I will live my life with more confidence”, “I will be the ME I was created to be”, “my potential is limitless”, “I will rise above difficult situations” and “I have become more positive and strong enough to face life’s challenges”.

    Posted July 10, 2017 in Seniors blog