Edna's excellent adventures

    What began as a gentle swing in a park, has led to Edna’s Excellent Adventures with weekly outings as part of her Home Care Package.

    94 year old Edna commenced a Home Care Package with Churches of Christ’s Home and Community Care Hervey Bay service in May 2017.  She had recently lost her husband and had become quite withdrawn, choosing to stay in her room most of the time.

    Looking at the five essential needs in our Positive Wellbeing Model of Care, before home and community care Edna:

    COMFORT –had lived with her husband until his passing, but is now living with her daughter, where despite the wonderful family support, she was becoming increasingly reclusive.  
    INCLUSION – was withdrawing from conversation and choosing to stay in her room, only coming out at mealtime. She was also having memory issues.
    OCCUPATION –  was a proud house mum,  who had always loved entertaining family and friends, but recently she had lost all interest.
    IDENTITY – would come out of room for meals when prompted, but would pick at the food, stating she could not chew and did not enjoy her meals. She was refusing to use her wheelie walker as it reminded her of her late husband. Her mobility was suffering and she had experienced recent falls.
    ATTACHMENT –has a very loving family who would take her shopping, but she was refusing to go outside, and was becoming disconnected from her community. When she did get to the shops she would choose to sit outside saying it was too hard to walk around.  

    Edna’s family felt that by engaging a Home Care Package to take her out once a week, they could attend to the groceries and other chores.  In-home respite was planned with a focus to simply get Edna to come out of her room and enjoy a meal.

    After a short time, Edna asked her carer to take her outdoors ... that is when things started to change, and Edna’s Excellent Adventures began.

    These days it’s hard to find Edna at home. Her weekly outings have included a visit to Snakes Down Under in Childers, where she got up close and personal with blue tongue lizards, turtles, crocodiles and snakes; followed by a Childers famous Mamino ice cream.

    She has also enjoyed a day out cruising Hervey Bay on a motor Trike from My Trike, and fish and chips by the water.

    With each adventure Edna becomes happier and more lively. Just a few months after that first swing in the park noticeable changes include:

    COMFORT – Still living with her daughter, Edna is much happier, and so is her family.
    INCLUSION – She now comes out of her room more often and engages openly in conversation, telling her family all about her adventures.  Her memory has also improved.  
    OCCUPATION – Edna seems to have regained her own sense of purpose, and looks forward to her outings. Her family say Edna has been more places than them and that seeing her out and about makes them realise they need to do the same.
    IDENTITY – Her healthy appetite has returned and her family are amazed at the size of the meal she enjoys – particularly on her outings.  She has put on weight and her mobility has improved.  She does not need to use any walking aids, other than the support of the care worker.
    ATTACHMENT – Edna goes out for four hours every Thursday to a new destination.  She even pops in to see the office staff as she like to put faces to the names.  She is much more engaged in conversations with our staff as well as her family, and is happy to go out with any care worker to enjoy her new lease on life.

    If you or someone you know could benefit from help around the home or getting out and about, a Home Care Package can make an incredible difference. To learn more about the services we offer, visit our services page or call us today.

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    Posted October 11, 2017 in Seniors blog