Abstract Beauty

    The walls of Churches of Christ Care Kolan Gardens Aged Care Service in Gin Gin are that bit brighter with addition of some wonderful new artworks.

    The colourful, abstract works of art are the creation of a group of resident artists who took on the challenge to make the stunning pieces with the help of Lifestyle Therapist, Julia De Silva.

    A group of eight residential aged care residents, including one who is profoundly blind and others who were cognitively impaired and physically impaired, were involved in creating the four abstract canvases, including one that is now hung with pride in the service’s reception area.

    "This particular piece, with its circular design in shades of blue, yellow and green, has received numerous compliments and queries on how it was made, and because of its quality, we have even had requests for others to be created," Julia said.

    Two further pieces are hung in the dining rooms and the last, newest group of canvasses, are mounted in the residents’ lounge room.

    "Due to the abstract nature of the paintings, everyone sees something different in the designs. For example, in the circular blue and green one, people have commented they remind them of planets," Julia said.

    "I chose this style of artwork as there is no right or wrong way when it comes to abstract. It allowed residents to tap into their imagination, express themselves and at the same time have fun.

    "I also wanted something that the residents would feel proud of and be able to show to their family and friends."

    Julia found inspiration for the artworks when researching on the internet, and adapted the activity to suit Kolan Gardens’ residents.

    They were shown a copy of an image to give them a sense of what they were working towards. They were given an array of watercolour paints and chose their four preferred colours. Each artwork involved many hours and several craft sessions to complete.

    "At one stage, they did question whether or not it was going to work, and my response was ‘fingers crossed!’" Julia said.

    It was only once the paintings were dry and the residents started cutting them into the shapes and pasting them on the canvases that we saw the potential.

    "I shared this activity at a Lifestyle Therapy networking meeting and hope the idea takes off as it has been a great success for Kolan Gardens," she said.

    "The final product was truly amazing and definitely gave the residents a sense of accomplishment and pride every time they or their loved ones pass by an artwork."

    Posted May 30, 2016 in Seniors blog