5 reasons seniors should visit a podiatrist

    Our feet are expected to carry us through a whole lifetime, but as we age so do they, and serious problems can start to arise.

    To help maintain good foot health, seniors should regularly visit a podiatrist for proper assessment, treatment and prevention of these issues.

    A podiatrist can help with:

    1. Hygiene:

    proper foot hygiene is very important, but often overlooked amongst the elderly. Podiatrists can make a thorough assessment of the type of foot hygiene routine needed to promote adequate foot care. They will assess all key points such as proper washing techniques and how to prevent fungal infections, and how to keep feet properly moisturised to avoid dryness and cracking.

    2. Inspecting for injuries:

    Seniors can often sustain minor cuts, abrasions or sores on their feet without even realising it. A podiatrist can perform a careful visual inspection to identify injuries and ensure that they are properly cared for, before they grow into something worse.

    3. Nail care:

    Nails that become too long can press against the end of your shoe, causing soreness, infection or ulceration. Alternatively, toenails that have been poorly cut can become ingrown, which can also lead to infection. A podiatrist can show seniors proper toenail trimming techniques to help avoid these problems. 

    4. Specialised care for diabetics and arthritis sufferers:

    For anyone with long-term conditions such as diabetes or arthritis, feet are particularly vulnerable. Podiatrists can analyse and prescribe appropriate foot care measures for seniors who suffer from these conditions.

    5. Choosing the right footwear:

    Wearing comfortable, well-fitting shoes is an essential element of quality foot health. Podiatrists can offer helpful advice regarding the best footwear to support and protect feet. They can also help seniors determine whether or not orthopaedic shoes will be necessary.

    With many great services being offered at various our seniors living services, you may not even have to step out of your comfort zone. Check with your service manager to see what services are available for you.

    Posted December 14, 2016 in Seniors blog