The Youth CONNECT program was developed with a ‘housing-first’ approach, putting equal emphasis on supporting young people develop foundational key resilience factors – education, employment and personal development – and a sense of connection to people and place. These factors influence an individual’s future trajectory towards gaining sustained homefulness.* 

Through the delivery of housing services and a comprehensive case management framework focused on therapeutic and practical strategies and actions, evidence shows significant improvement on life outcomes and sustained long-term health and wellbeing into adulthood, while reducing the risk of future homelessness.

Delivered under a Queensland Government-issued Social Benefit Bond since 2017, Youth CONNECT will support 300 young people over the six-year life of the program. The outcomes-based arrangement of the bond involves the Queensland Government, valued investors and Churches of Christ in Queensland.

*The term ‘Homefulness’ was suggested by Dr Phil Crane, Associate Professor in Social Work at the School of Social Sciences, University of the Sunshine Coast (USC), as a useful goal for youth homelessness practice, and has underpinned the Churches of Christ Youth CONNECT evaluation and action research partnership.

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April 19, 2021

Stories of Youth CONNECT

Stories of Youth CONNECT