Transitioning to care

Helping you settle into your new home

Moving from home into aged care can be a big step - for both you and your family. We help many residents settle in every year, and see first-hand what helps them the most. When it comes to making the best aged care decisions, here's what we see works best:

Know the process

Here are the steps you'll follow to apply for and move into aged care.

Step-by-step aged care guide

Take a tour

Visiting the aged care home you're interested in gives you the best idea of what life is like for residents. Take a close look at the rooms, shared areas and gardens.

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Meet the staff

Speak with qualified carers, registered nurses, managers, chefs, cooks and lifestyle activity coordinators to learn more about how they will support and care for you.

Read the documents

Read the Handbook and Resident Agreement for the aged care home you're considering. These are both detailed documents outlining everything you need to know about moving into and living at the aged care home. Always ask staff any specific questions you can't find answers to.

Find out what's on

Each aged care home has an activity schedule where you can see the wide variety of classes, groups and social events coming up.

Check the menu

Ask the home you're interested in for a recent menu. Find out how to make requests for favourite dishes or dietary requirements.

Ask about visitors and pets

Residents love having visitors - contact the home you're interested in to find out how to book shared areas for visits, having visitors over for dinner, and any COVID visitor restrictions. Find out if the home has resident pets, or if you can bring your own (permanently or for a visit).

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Bring your personal items

We encourage you to bring photos, small personal items and favourite bedding to help make your room more familiar and comfortable. Speak with your aged care home if you have larger items - like a favourite armchair - to see if this can come with you. Let staff know about any mobility aides and other equipment to ensure these can fit.

Life in our homes

Move in

Our friendly staff will welcome you into your home and spend a lot of time getting to know you. They'll ask about your medical needs, personal history, hobbies and interests, likes and dislikes and your family and friends. This will help our team work with you and your family to create your personalised care plan, crafted especially to make you feel safe, comfortable and at home.

Step-by-step aged care guide

Stories from our residents and carers

Meet Michelle

Registered Nurse at Fassifern Aged Care

Michelle has worked at Fassifern Aged Care Service as a Registered Nurse for the past 18 years. Michelle loves looking after the older generation and is a passionate advocate for residents. She tells us about how she helps support residents, particularly when they first arrive and how she helps make them feel at home. Watch the full video to learn more about Michelle and the inspiring dedication that she brings to her role.

Meet Michael

Resident at Lady Small Haven

Michael is one of the friendly residents at Lady Small Haven Aged Care Service. Here, Michael tells us about what life is like living at Lady Small Haven. Some of Michael’s highlights include the great staff at the service and taking part in the wide range of activities that are on offer. Watch the full video to find out why Michael would recommend Lady Small Haven to anyone.

Meet Ngakura

Personal Care Worker at Buckingham Gardens

Working as a Personal Care Worker at Buckingham Gardens Aged Care Service, Ngakura shares what life is like for residents and the exceptional support that is provided by the staff. Watch the full video to find out more about Ngakura’s passion for providing high quality care to residents.

Meet Lois

Resident at Marana Gardens

Lois is one of the lovely residents at Marana Gardens Aged Care Service. Lois tells us why she thinks Marana Gardens is a great place to live – she’s learned how to play indoor bowls, everybody at the service is kind, she has made some great friends, and the staff are caring and helpful. Find out more about why Lois would recommend living at Marana Gardens.

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