23 Nov 2023

Authentic Evangelism

Our churches
We sometimes think of evangelism as a sales pitch.

We need a trick up our sleeve so we can manipulate the conversation towards the listener’s “lostness”. Then we need to have a carefully worked-out presentation which will prove that we have the perfect solution to their needs. And we need a closing strategy to guarantee an on-the-spot decision.

But the gospel is not a commodity we need to sell. It’s a Person. Our efforts don’t save; Jesus Christ saves. One of the greatest examples of rapid growth of Christianity is in the first century. The early Christians who led so many others to Christ were totally involved with a Person – they were learners of Jesus; they followed Jesus; they were committed to Jesus; they were filled with Jesus. Their encounter with Jesus simply could not be concealed.

If we refer back to our sales analogy, nothing is more convincing than the simple, honest, unembellished word of a satisfied customer. The early Christians simply shared what they personally had experienced, what they personally had received. Before Jesus' ascension, He promised: “When the Holy Spirit comes to you…. you will be my witnesses”. Jesus’ promise continues to this day, and our example as “satisfied customers” is the best advertisement Christianity can have. Just like the first century Christians, when we are indwelt by Jesus’ Spirit, our lives will exhibit a spontaneous, irrepressible enthusiasm, and a loving, merciful grace which cannot help but be attractive to those who God puts in our path.