Mission enterprises

Mission and community outreach

Churches of Christ in Queensland enables individuals and communities to connect by providing a range of missional and outreach services wherever there is a need.

Access Place

Safe community outreach

An Access Place is a safe, neutral space in the centre of a community where people can access and experience something of Jesus and his kingdom in our day and in our place.  Many people in our communities do not necessarily feel comfortable coming to a church in order to find help, support and answers to their questions. In an Access Place we want to make an attempt to provide a genuine and creative alternative.

We understand that many churches, community groups and care services operate in a local area and therefore we do not see an Access Place as competing with any of these other groups. We are seeking to complement the great work that is already happening and to work with all of these groups to address both 'common causes' and 'common perils'. An Access Place will be a place where the community can access the full range of help and services that Churches of Christ in Queensland can offer. However, this will not be done in an exclusive fashion and we will intentionally develop partnerships with a range of community groups, services and programs.

Access Place is committed to creating a space of hospitality, friendship, acceptance and equality. They are about somewhere to find answers, enjoy coffee and good food, meet others and join in community meetings.

To find out more about Access Place, contact us today.

Psychology and counselling

When life becomes tough, we often need a place to turn. Access Place Psychology and Counselling Service aims to be that place and to provide you with a different kind of counselling service.

We use a holistic approach to focus on healing and resolving emotional, spiritual and practical issues in your life. We are here to help regardless of your faith or background.  The focus of the service is on healing and resolving issues, not on preaching or trying to convert. People of all faiths and all walks of life are welcome.

Why see a counsellor or psychologist?

We all experience challenges in our life, particularly through times of change, personal trauma and when facing major life decisions. At these times, the support and guidance of an unbiased professional can help you gain a new perspective and find your way through these difficulties. Often you will start to experience hope and feel a positive change after only a couple of visits.

How can our family counselling and psychology service help?

Counsellors and psychologists can assist with a range of concerns, including lifestyle, parenting, relationships, school problems, anxiety, depression, trauma, faith issues and decision-making.

Our team is highly trained and possesses a wealth of experience in the community. Most counsellors hold a Counselling Masters degree in particular fields of specialisation. Our psychologists offer general counselling, therapy and psychological assessments. They can also provide intervention plans; liaise with schools and other professionals; and conduct teacher and corporate professional development programs.

All of our therapists are members of professional associations and are bound by a strict code of ethics so you can rest assured that all sessions are confidential.

Why Christian counselling?

The Christian faith is about bringing light, hope and healing to people and helping people to be all that they can be.  The most effective counselling therapies use a similar approach.  Our therapists are motivated by a duty of care and a concern for all people, regardless of their religious beliefs.  We are non-judgemental, highly professional and use evidence-based, values-driven approaches.  Sometimes, difficult times can challenge deeply held life beliefs.  We, too, have grappled with the difficult questions of life and faith.  If requested, we can discuss these issues or direct you to appropriate spiritual support.

What does it cost?

This is a non-profit service and our services are reasonably priced. We offer discounts for members of Churches of Christ in Queensland, health care cardholders and people experiencing difficult financial circumstances. In some instances a Medicare or private health insurance rebate is available. If you are referred to us by a GP through a Mental Health Care Plan, your visits will attract a Medicare rebate.

Do I need a referral?

You do not need a doctor’s referral to see a counsellor or psychologist. Simply call us to make an appointment and we will match you with a professional with experience in your area of need.

Making appointments

Call us on 1300 798 622 during business hours or email accessplace@cofcqld.com.au to make an appointment. We believe every case is unique so will match you with a suitable therapist at a location convenient to you.

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Aged care chaplaincy

The Aged Care Chaplains provide a service of holistic pastoral care in each of our 29 residential aged care services in Queensland and Victoria.  During this last year, further progress was made in extending our pastoral care services to clients in the Retirement Living and Community Care services. A significant amount of work was also done in the development of a model of pastoral care that is specifically appropriate for palliative care facilities.

Community chaplaincy

A Community Chaplain’s role is to promote, equip, resource, support and bring to affect the Mission of Churches of Christ in Queensland. Their essential motive is to invest in peoples lives, to demonstrate unconditional love, to be available when people are in desperate need of assistance.

Community Chaplains work primarily in association with our Housing Services and provide additional wrap-around support to build resilience within our client base. They employ a proactive, holistic, chaplaincy model of practice and work with individual community members to create an environment which supports the pastoral wellbeing of staff and clients. Community Chaplains work to nurture healthy communities, which are safe, accepting, respectful, inclusive, empowered and seek justice for all.

In addition to the work in our housing communities, during the last year we deployed community wide chaplains in Pine Rivers, Boonah and Atherton Tablelands. We even have a mobile community chaplain serving in rural farming communities as part of our strategy to place chaplains in as many local communities as possible.

To help our Community Chaplains bring the light of Christ into communities, donate today.

Medical Santo

We have partnered with Churches of Christ in Vanuatu and the Government of Vanuatu to improve health care services, by opening Churches of Christ Medical Santo.

Based in the town of Luganville on the island of Espiritu Santo, Medical Santo aims to provide international standard medical services to the local ni-Vanuatu community, expatriate locals, and foreign visitors and tourists.

Medical aid in Vanuatu

We are dedicated to integrating our services in partnership with the local ni-Vanuatu people to provide a supportive organisation, which respects the local community, meets human needs both physical and spiritual, and works for a lasting change in the lives of all those we interact with.

Vanuatu is a developing country in the South Pacific and struggles to maintain and fund health services. Medical Santo is assisting by providing medical volunteers to work, mentor, educate and provide health services and resources.

All funds raised from our fees are put back into the clinic to provide better services to the northern Islands of Vanuatu. Our goal is to raise $100,000 annually to support this mission. These funds will enable a full-time medical practitioner to continue our mission and provide the following services:

  • mobile medical services to local and remote communities
  • support services to the only hospital in the region
  • training and support to medical staff in Vanuatu
  • operating and administering the clinic to provide quality care.

For more information visit the Medical Santo website

Men's Sheds

Outreach program for men

Churches of Christ in Queensland and our churches are active in the community through involvement and support of Men’s Sheds.

Men’s Sheds provide a welcoming environment for men to gather and work on hobbies, including carpentry, metal work and mechanics, while building friendships.

They are also an important tool for promoting men’s health, and are a welcoming place for marginalised and isolated males to socialise and be part of the community.

There has been phenomenal growth in Men’s Sheds across Australia as their role of meeting the needs of men in the community is recognised.

Why are Men’s Sheds important?

Men are not known for using health professionals and talking about physical and mental health issues.

Some current prime men’s health issues include:

  • Of all national suicides, five of six suicides are male
  • More Australian men die from suicide annually then all annual national traffic fatalities.
  • More men die from prostate cancer than women die from breast cancer.

Through the men’s shed, men have the opportunity to talk to each other about health matters, and also receive information from local and government health organisations and the help and support that is available to them.

They also reduce social isolation, encouraging men to form friendships and be a part of their local community.

Nambour Men’s Shed program

Churches of Christ in Queensland auspice’s Nambour Men’s Shed.

Opened in 2011, the Nambour Men’s Shed provides a work-place inspired environment which enables men to enjoy each others company.

Many of the men who attend the men’s shed are retired with extraordinary skills and interests. The shed is equipped with high quality tools which the men are accustomed to using.

The Nambour Men’s Shed is active in the community, providing information nights, running raffles and competitions, entering into the local show, and helping out the community after natural disasters.

Church of Christ churches across the state are involved with Men’s Sheds in their local communities, bringing the light of Christ into their communities by supporting men.

There are also a number of Churches of Christ churches that support  Men’s Sheds in their communities:

  • Bribie Island
  • Mackay
  • Townsville

To find out more about Men's Sheds, contact us today.

Women's ministry

Women's outreach services

Churches of Christ in Queensland Women’s Ministry seeks to inspire, encourage and equip women to have a passionate relationship with Jesus and to serve Him where He calls them.

There are many ways we can do this, and one of those is through our quarterly magazine Networking.

We would love for you to be able to pick up a copy and be encouraged in your faith, inspired to have a deeper relationship with Jesus and find practical tips and resources which help equip you for the ministry you are or could be involved in and then give it to a friend!

To find out more about women’s ministry or to share your enthusiasm, please contact the Women’s Ministry team.