Leadership team

Churches of Christ in Queensland is led by our Council, Board and leadership team.

The Council

The Affiliated Churches of Churches of Christ in Queensland elect a Conference Council (Council).

The principal roles of the Council include appointing the Board, fostering the mission and objectives of the organisation through intentional prayer and encouragement, and ensuring Churches of Christ in Queensland is represented in key civic and inter-church activities.

The Council also has two committees, with membership drawn from Council members, local church leaders, externally co-opted professional advisors, and/or relevant senior staff. Currently the two committees are:

  • Professional Standards Unit
  • Council and Board Membership

Churches of Christ in Queensland Conference Council members at 16 November 2017.

Geoff Charles (Chair), Chris Gribble, Stephen Peach, Chris Downes, Andi Owens, Steve Nixon, Kevan Denny, Vicki Marney, Geoffrey Runge and David Taylor

The Board

The Board of Churches of Christ in Queensland is appointed by the Council and is the legal Board of Directors for the organisation.

The principal roles of the Board include overseeing the governance of the organisation, approving and reviewing the strategic plan and generally undertaking whatever course of action is necessary to ensure that the objectives of Churches of Christ in Queensland are achieved.

The Chair of the Council is a full member of the Board, and the Chair of the Board is a full member of the Council. The Chief Executive Officer is the most senior paid member of the organisation and reports directly to the Board.

The Board has four committees, with membership drawn from Board members and relevant senior staff. These are:

  • Finance and Infrastructure
  • Mission and People
  • Governance and Risk, and
  • Remuneration.

Churches of Christ in Queensland Board at 16 November 2017

Gary Edwards (Chair), Steven Muller, Ken Ewald, Jillian Carson, John Adermann, Jill Gray, Doug Sparkes, Rilla Roberts.

Executive Group and Strategic Management Group

The Chief Executive Officer, Dr Paul Scully, is responsible for leading Churches of Christ in Queensland and forwarding our mission; promoting our purpose and values; and inspiring all stakeholders – particularly the executive team, staff and local church leaders – to work together to achieve our collective vision and the strategic goals of the organisation as agreed with the Board and overseen by Council.

Reporting directly to the Board, the Chief Executive Officer is responsible for promoting the purpose and values of Churches of Christ in Queensland. This involves developing and implementing strategies to achieve a united mission-focused vision, while inspiring stakeholders to contribute to, and advance, these strategies through the wider community.

The Chief Executive Officer is supported by the Executive Group

  • Dr Paul Scully - Chief Executive Officer
  • Michael Brand - Chief Financial Officer
  • Desley Millwood - Executive Officer Communications
  • Gerry Weatherall - Executive Officer Business Development
  • Bryan Mason - Executive Officer Services
  • Rue Masunungure - Director of Governance

With senior representatives from each of our mission, service and support areas, the Strategic Management Group is a functional leadership team ensuring delivery of mission and care services.

The team comprises of the following:

  • Don Mansfield, Group Manager Finance
  • Frances Paterson-Fleider, General Manager Housing Services
  • Leanne Rutherford, General Manager Children, Youth and Families
  • Mark Bradley, General Manager Human Resources
  • Rob Cavaye, Group Manager Information Technology Services
  • Tim McMenamin, General Manager Mission
  • Tracey Hurst, Director Commissioning