Churches of Christ in Queensland is proud to support aged care peak body, Leading Age Services Australia and Aged Care Employee Day (ACED), by sharing the #thanksforcaring campaign.

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Care Wall
On Saturday 7 August, ACED celebrates the everyday unsung heroes and quiet achievers working in the aged care industry, supporting senior Australians.
“Not all superheroes wear capes”. Throughout the pandemic, our heroes wear masks and gowns, carry brooms and mops, and are fronting up daily to protect the most vulnerable. 360,000 aged care workers, no matter their role, are the heroes helping more than 1.3 million Australians access aged care services and continue to remain safe, healthy and connected.
They have experienced a tumultuous 18 months, adapting to a new way of providing care, while also sustaining the connections between those they care for and their loved ones or to their wider community.
Give a virtual shout-out to all the heroes supporting our seniors by sharing your message, letter, video or artwork in the form on this page. You can also download resources below to promote the campaign amongst your networks.
Your ‘thanks for caring’ message will make a world of difference to an aged care worker. Get your kids and family members to write a song, share a superhero photo or film a video message for your aged care superhero.  You can also post your message on social media with #thanksforcaring.

For more information about Aged Care Employee Day, an initiative of Leading Age Services Australia, visit



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