True love stays together

    Moving into residential aged care can be a particularly traumatic time for couples who have been married their entire adult lives. For many, it can be the first time the have been separated in a lifetime.

    For Heather and John, the move into aged care has been made easier with the availability of a new couple’s room, meaning that after 60 years of marriage they can still remain together; even though their care needs have changed.

    For 10 years they enjoyed living at Golden Age Retirement Village at Southport. But as they their care needs increased, they knew they needed more support.

    They spoke to their Retirement Living Manager Kathryn Rains about their needs.

    "We got to the stage where we couldn’t look after ourselves properly. … And I am not as well as I used to be," Heather said.

    Kathryn suggested that they talk to the service manager of our nearby Golden Age Aged Care Service, and inspect one of the service’s new couple’s rooms.

    "The living space was larger than in our old unit so we were very interested straight away," Heather said.

    With two beds, two recliners, a dining table, sink, fridge, television, microwave and air conditioning all in the room, everything they need is close at hand, and assistance is just the ring of a bell away.

    "It happened at the right time for us. We were both feeling we needed some help and this was available," Heather said.

    The fact they can continue to be together is the most important thing to them both.

    "We never have wanted to be separated. After 60 years together, it would have left us feeling particularly lonely. I couldn’t exist in a room on my own without John. We depend on each others in lots of ways," Heather said.

    "Our children are very happy for us," John said.

    To find out more about our couple rooms and other options at our aged care services, go to

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    Posted February 23, 2016 in Lifestyle blog