Residents enjoy a visit from some four-legged friends

    It has been said that horses help exercise and heal the heart and soul. Residents at Churches of Christ Care Oak Towers Aged Care got to experience this feeling for themselves recently when they were treated to a special visit by two Percherons (French Draught horses).

    The beautiful creatures caused an instant stir as their handlers trotted them around the corner and up the driveway to Oak Towers where the residents were eagerly waiting.

    For many it rekindled memories of growing up on a farm. Resident Elizabeth Whyte said “I grew up in Sunbury which used to be the country. I would ride my white horse named Nicky until dark. When I saw the Percheron horses arrive at Oak Towers it gave me a warm feeling.”

    The residents were able to feed the horses carrots and get right up close to them. It was a very memorable time for the residents and staff at Oak Towers.

    The visit was generously organised by Le Pine funeral services who regularly visit local nursing homes voluntarily with their work horses.

    Posted December 15, 2015 in Lifestyle blog