Oak Towers Christmas Market

    In early 2013 the Lifestyle Team at Churches of Christ Care Oak Towers Aged Care Service at Oakleigh had a dream.

    A dream of planning and running a Christmas market.

    A market where residents could not only sell homemade items they created throughout the year, but also connect with the local community by inviting them into their world.

    “The word was put out to staff, residents, families, friends and volunteers to see if there was any interest in all working towards such a big event later in the year,” Lifestyle Coordinator Alexandra Bruce said.

    “Interest was high and so begun the lengthy planning and creating process.”

    Activity groups began working on arts and crafts to sell and slowly items started building up – dressed bears, crocheted coat hangers and flowers, tea cosies, head bands, Christmas cards, tea towels and much more.

    Families and staff also donated and made items such as baked goods, jams, chutneys, potted plants, herbs, table decorations and handmade boxes.

    The date was set; fliers were designed, volunteers dropped them in local letterboxes, and invitations were sent to residents and families.

    Independent sellers known to Oak Towers staff and residents, such as Nutrimetics and Enjo, were also invited to setup a stall and donate a percentage of their sales.

    On Saturday December 7 the dream became a reality.

    “Entertainment was provided by The Horn Quintet, who played charming carols out in our courtyard in the morning for all to see as they walked by, and Jesus’ Little Helpers entertained us in our lounge area with live singing in the afternoon,” Alexandra said.

    “Whilst the market was roaring indoors in our large community room, a sausage sizzle and Devonshire tea was enticing the public from out the front, with the smell from the sausage sizzle – manned by the husbands of staff and volunteers – certainly attracting attention.”

    With the support of over 40 volunteers and the local Emmanuel Church, the market generated more than $2,400 profit for Oak Towers, all of which will be invested in the aged care service’s lifestyle program.

    “Without the willingness of so many people to volunteer their energy and time on this day, this market would not have been possible,” Alexandra said.

    “Residents, families, staff and members of the public wandered our market from morning until late afternoon, supporting and admiring what we had been able to accomplish.

    “The many hours of time creating were all worth it when our facility came alive with community spirit on this day.

    “The satisfaction and sense of achievement our community feels is priceless.”
    Husbands on the barbecue…Knitted items made by residents…Residents shopping

    Posted March 31, 2015 in Lifestyle blog