A new life begins in retirement

    Depending on what age you plan to retire at, it’s most likely you will have many years of relaxation, adventures, fitness, and wonderful times spent with family and friends ahead of you. Make sure you don’t miss a single moment by planning for your new life early.

    Retirement planning gives you the best chance of  taking control of your future and ensuring the financial security you need, and the lifestyle you want. To make the smoothest transition, there are a great many things to take into consideration:

    • Will you retire full-time, or continue on with part-time or casual work?
    • What is your financial situation?
    • Where will you live, will you downsize or stay in your family home?

    Whilst finally having the freedom to live your life as you please seems like the ultimate dream, people are often surprised by how differently they feel once the dream becomes reality. A great way to prepare for this new-found freedom is by keeping busy with meaningful activities.

    • Are there any hobbies that you’d like to take up?
    • Will you travel, and if so where will you go?
    • Do you have a bucket list?

    Good health, physical and mental, is one of your greatest assets in retirement. A healthy mind and body will ensure you live a happier, more productive life in retirement. Look after your health by:

    • Eating well
    • Staying mentally alert
    • Exercising daily
    • Having regular medical check-ups

    So yes, your new life does begin in retirement, just be sure to plan wisely so you can make the most of it.

    The Queensland Government’s A Guide to Retiring: Planning Your Lifestyle is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to consider.


    Posted January 29, 2016 in Lifestyle blog