New Service Manager for Little Mountain Aged Care looking for quality staff

A Sunshine Coast local with an outstanding background in aged care has been appointed the first Service Manager for the new Churches of Christ Little Mountain Residential Aged Care service which will open early next year.

General Manager Residential Aged Care Anne McGill said she is delighted to welcome Adriana Turica to the team.

“Adriana has a passionate commitment to residents, a strong belief in the importance of staff development and established networks on the Sunshine Coast.”

“Over the last year she commissioned an aged care service at Twin Waters. It opened in September with many residents choosing to call the service home such that it is now a full service – a remarkable achievement.”

“Before her Sunshine Coast work, Adriana served in clinical and service leadership roles in New Zealand residential aged care and dementia care for more than nine years,” she said.

Adriana said she was delighted at the opportunity to lead the opening of the Little Mountain aged care service.

“The integration of generations on Little Mountain Campus has a great future. Our residents will enjoy being included in multi-generational activities which will enhance their quality of life. Younger generations will get to know and appreciate our residents, their stories and sense of humour,” she said.

The $32 million Little Mountain Campus features a 96 bed residential aged care facility using the Cottage Model of Care and an integrated community hub which will provide local groups, residents and families with an enhanced community lifestyle through the use of a café, multi-purpose community centre, aquatic centre and social spaces. This multigenerational approach has been proven to have benefits for both residents and the community.

Adriana is recruiting her new team now.  When full, the service is expected to create around 100 professional opportunities for local nursing staff, personal carers and hospitality staff.

A community open day will be held on the campus on February 9, 2019.

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Posted December 17, 2018 in News