Meet our carers

“My husband and I had four children of our own but we knew these two young children needed a home so we made the space. Twelve years later they are very much a part of the family, we weathered the storms together and looking back wouldn’t change a thing.”


~Tanya, Foster Carer

“We were so naïve when we started our fostering journey but we faced each challenge head on and 23 years later are so much stronger for it. We are so proud of our girl’s achievements, one of them has completed her degree and purchased a house before the age of 23.”

~Dawn and Dean, Foster Carers


Meet our team

"It is nice to work within such a caring, compassionate team that is passionate about making a positive difference in children, young people and carers' lives."

- Cassandra Maynes, Fostering Case Worker

Every day I take my life experiences and drive to make a difference and use them to support the women and children I work with every day.

- Shreena Shukla – Fostering Case Worker at South East (Out of home care)

Working in the administration team at one of Queensland's largest out of home care providers is a very rewarding experience. I get to see the amazing work our team does for our carers and children, and I feel honoured to support them in changes they make daily. 

- Tammy Kitching, Administration Officer, South East Fostering