Foster and kinship carers appreciated for their caring hand

It takes a special person to be a foster or kinship carer: someone who can show unconditional love, care and respect to vulnerable children.

Kinship carers and foster carers provide homes, protection and advocacy to children who are unable to stay in their family home for any amount of time for a variety of reasons, including homelessness, illness, abuse or neglect.

Earlier this year the South East Foster and Kinship Care service celebrated the 235 Foster and Kinship Carer families supported by the program at a dinner in their honour.

The aim of the South East Foster and Kinship Carer Appreciation Dinner was to say thank you for everything these wonderful families do: caring for children who cannot live with their parents temporarily, giving up their time and homes, and committing to making a difference to children and young people.

The carers received a certificate of appreciation, which was created by Andrew Gallan, an Indigenous artist based in Brisbane, who is also a foster carer.

“It is unfortunate that in our world today there are so many children and young people who are in need of ‘a caring hand’. Carers’ are a special group who accept a child or young person into their family,” said Andrew. “If child protection was a crown of gold, it is nothing without its jewels. The carers are the jewels in the crown of child protection and safety.”

The caring hands depicted in the certificate are symbolic of five aspects:

•    Love - to help the child or young person heal
•    Care - to help the child or young person grow
•    Respect - to show the child or young person that they are important
•    Protection - to keep the child or young person from harm
•    Advocacy - to provide support to the child or young person

Carers spent the night dancing and relaxing while the children were cared for by staff and volunteers at a nearby play centre.

The evening was a great way to thank a group of incredible people who give so much of themselves so children can be safe until they can return home.

The dedication of carers across Queensland is being celebrated in Foster and Kinship Carer week from April 25 to April 30 this year.


Posted April 27, 2016 in News