From the Navy to foster carer

    There are many reasons why people become foster carers. Commonly it is their love for children and the belief that every child and young person deserves a nurturing and supportive environment to thrive.

    Many paths on the foster care journey

    This was the case for Tanya when she embarked on her foster care journey with Churches of Christ Care.

    She was first introduced to her future foster children while they were in the care of her best friend Leanne and her partner, who were at the time foster parents to three sets of siblings.

    Leanne and Tanya’s lives have always aligned with each other and they had been inseparable since meeting in the Navy.

    Managing a busy household started to become difficult for Leanne. Tanya saw the need to help her friend and understood the importance of keeping siblings together, made the decision that took her life in a new direction.

    Leanne was providing foster care for a brother and sister, aged seven years and nine months old, and soon a newborn brother also requiring care.

    “Because of how close we were, all of these children were as much of our lives as our own children. We didn’t want them to be separated,” Tanya said.

    “We never considered it before, but decided to become foster carers for these three kids.”

    Tanya had a large network of support, and with the assistance of Leanne, they have been able to maintain their connection with the children.

    “We made an event of fostering the three children. We all went on a camping trip with Leanne and did an unofficial handover,” Tanya said.

    Tanya is now in the process of receiving guardianship for all three children.

    It takes all kinds of people, for all sorts of reasons, to become a foster carer. It’s a decision they never seem to look back on.

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    Posted August 23, 2019 in Blog