Out in the community

Where would you turn if you were woken one night with the roaring sound of a fire taking hold of your home? What if you were facing homelessness and had spiraled into despair, who would be there for you?

Just before Christmas last year, on 21 December, an iconic Boonah home burnt down, leaving a local family with nothing. Community Chaplain Honni Hayton was there with them as they watched helplessly as their house was raised to the ground.

“The community support after was overwhelming,” Honni said. “It was decided that I would take on a coordinators role to facilitate support for the family.”

For Honni, who is a seasoned community chaplain who has worked with a whole range of people throughout her community in their time of need, it was a challenging role to take on.

“The community has been great at helping the family, but there is still a long road ahead for them. Several fundraising events were held in the community and have provided some much needed support. My role as chaplain has allowed me the privilege of supporting this family and being allowed at the scene in the midst of the tragedy.”

Help in darkest hour Community Chaplain Haydn Parsons has recently assisted a woman as she journeyed through her darkest hours.

Fighting battles

Haydn met ‘Jane’ (not her real name) at a time when she was fighting a number of battles.

“She was facing homelessness, battling depression, was financially depleted and was threatening to end her life,” Haydn said.

“I was able arrange assistance from a mix of church, community groups and a psychologist. As a result, Jane has slowly rebuilt her life week by week.

“Despite her many challenges, Jane is giving back to others out of her lived story of mental health and suicide ideation.

“She is truly an amazing woman, and it is such a great story of restoration.”

Community Chaplain program

Our Community Chaplain program is completely un-funded and relies purely on donors whose generosity helps transform lives and create brighter futures for vulnerable people who are facing some of life's toughest challenges.

To make donation, go to cofc.com.au/give or call 1800 600 900.

To learn more about how Churches of Christ in Queensland helps its community, download the latest version of Networking.

Posted June 13, 2018 in Our blog