Our sacred journey for the sake of the world

Over 8-9 November, ministering persons from across our Affiliated Churches once again came together for the annual Ministers Forum and the 135th Annual General Meeting.

The annual Ministers Forum event brings senior members from our churches together to celebrate and reflect on our mission of bringing the light of Christ into communities.

This year, the group reflected on the theme of ‘Our Sacred Journey’. As ministering persons within Churches of Christ, they have been called by God to undertake a sacred journey so that the world might be blessed.

This year’s forum drew heavily on the story of Abraham, to remind attendees of their calling, and of the promises and presence of God who walks with them into this next section of this journey, and that they walk this road together.

The two-day event was punctuated by quality input, worship, reflection, discussion, professional development, stories from local churches and a chance for you to laugh and connect with the other ministering persons who serve with the Churches of Christ in Queensland.

Dr David Benson was the keynote speaker. A former high school teacher, youth worker and Pastor of Evangelism and Community Outreach, David is passionate about commending Christ and His Kingdom in Australia’s post-Christendom culture.

At the Annual General Meeting, the 2017-18 Consolidated Financial Report was tabled and adopted by the voting members. This year production of the annual report has taken a different shape. We have replaced the traditional printed document with a new digital format and produced a 2017-18 Annual Review, At a Glance which provides a high-level overview of our key achievements and activities for the period.

The Consolidated Financial Report remains in printed format as in previous years’ and is also available online. You can read and download the print versions of the annual report here.

The delegates from our churches voted for the Council members, with Geoff Charles and Steve Peach’s re-nominations accepted and new member Carol Joseph from Bundaberg Church of Christ nomination accepted. We also officially welcomed our latest affiliated church, The Knockers Ministry Church, who are based on Ann St in Brisbane City.

Find out more about our recent endeavours in the latest edition of Networking.

Posted December 12, 2018 in Networking blog