CEO update, December 2017

It was a privilege to attend and present at the Ministers Forum and Annual General Meeting in November, and to meet so many individuals from across our movement. Mandy Smith’s presentations clearly spoke to many people as she explored how God can work through our weakness.

One of the things I shared was about our future, which has been a topic a number of people have asked me about. There are goals we want to build on such as:

  • Grow our Senior services and ensure families are confident that their loved one’s are safe with us.
  • Expand our footprint in terms of housing and in particular enhance our resident’s wellbeing by fostering community within our housing developments.
  • We also want to ensure children are not harmed when with us and that we help foster better outcomes when they are in our care.

Yet, our vision for the future is to be fully articulated. We have said we want to transform people's lives and to bring uplift into dark places with the light of Christ. We want to grow our kingdom access places including our churches. I would pray we do this and more, because we become an organisation where people are known for their character. Our character will clearly be one of unconditional love, behaving with integrity and good stewards. In a time when the world is losing trust in institutions and people are polarized I envisage when people make contact with the Churches of Christ they know we are trustworthy in all we do.

I hope we can continue building on the many accomplishment from the last year which were presented at the Annual General Meeting. Over the past 12 months, the Board made a number of important decisions, endorsed plans, and approved significant investment, ensuring we progress against the four priorities of our strategic plan.

In brief, some of our achievements include:

  • Held 40 days of prayer from 1 March - 9 April across our movement
  • Held our largest Centrifuge event in June, with over 350 participants
  • Had the majority of our churches represented on Strategic Action Leadership Teams
  • Number of Kingdom Access Places increased to 398
  • Released our second Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan and forged stronger relationship with the Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships
  • Churches of Christ Medical Santo medical clinic on Vanuatu continues to develop and extend its care and ministry
  • Completed the Kenmore Campus redevelopment, with the Ministers Forum and AGM held in the new community centre
  • 40,000+ people regularly connect with our Kingdom Access Places
  • Appointed Jane Carter as Children and Youth Advocate to ensure we are a child safe organisation.

The Board and I are preparing the development of the new strategic plan and we look forward to engaging our stakeholders to help clarify what we believe God wants us to do going into
the future.

We want to also flag a final report of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. We will be required to make other changes to ensure we meet clear standards of keeping children safe.

On 1 December, we welcomed two aged care services to our family in Ingham and Acacia Ridge. I would like to warmly welcome the residents, staff and families of The Palms and Mortimer Aged Care Services and promise to provide the highest quality care and services to you.

At the end of November, we started welcoming residents into the new extension at Stanthorpe Aged Care Service. This state-of the-art development sets the standard of care on the Southern Downs. We look forward to opening the new Warwick campus including aged care service in 2018.

Next year is shaping to be another mammoth year as we continue our path of growth. We will be setting out our direction for the coming years as we prepare our next Strategic Plan.

I would like to thank David Swain, who finishes with Churches of Christ in Queensland after a 15 years of fruitful and faithful service with us. David was the Chief Operating Officer since
2014, and more recently acted as Chief Executive Officer during the first-half of 2017, and provided strong leadership during a time of uncertainty.

On behalf of Churches of Christ in Queensland, I would like to extend our thanks to David for ensuring the organisation maintained momentum and focus, and for his heartfelt engagement with staff across the organisation.

As the year fast comes to a close, and with 2018 upon us, I would like to thank everyone who is a part of the Churches of Christ movement and for your contribution to our shared mission
of bringing the light of Christ into communities. It has been another big year, and collectively we have made a difference in so many ways.

I pray you have a blessed and happy Christmas. May it be a time of love and peace for you, your family and loved ones, and that 2018 will be prosperous and full of possibilities.

Dr Paul Scully
Chief Executive Officer

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Posted December 6, 2017 in Networking blog