CEO update, April 2019

The start of 2019 has been one getting out and about to visit as many of our churches and services as possible.  I am always inspired by seeing the great work that we do first hand and have been humbled again by the perseverance and quality of care shown by so many of our staff and volunteers.

Some highlights for the year include:

‘I love aged care’ tour

In response to the Royal Commission into Aged Care, we took the time to hit the road and encourage the great work that our staff do in Seniors and Supported Living.  Bryan Mason (Executive Director Services), various General Managers and myself visited over 25 sites in March alone, with the remainder of the sites hosting events in April.  It has been a joy to simply encourage the staff and residents, hear their stories and celebrate the blessing that good aged care is to our families and communities.

Regional information sessions for church leaders

In a similar vein, we have been conducting a number of regional events to connect directly with our church leaders, elders, and other interested regional volunteers.  We have listened to the stories of local churches in action and discover how Kenmore Campus can assist in supporting their local mission. We have also taken the opportunity to discuss in particular, the implications of the National Redress Scheme, safe people, places and programs, healthy governance and eldership, as well as share aspects of our new strategic plan which relate to ‘building the Kingdom of God’.  These sessions have attracted large number of our leaders with most local churches being represented.  Of particular encouragement to me has been the number of new pastors that we have flowing into Churches of Christ in Queensland and there is a real sense of fresh perspective, enthusiasm and hope.

North Queensland Flood Appeal - $22,160 raised

As you know, our great state has been hammered in the last few months with both bushfires and floods.  Many of our services are located in these areas in North Queensland and were affected by these disasters.  Our emergency response staff worked tirelessly to support our locals on the ground and to make sure that our clients, friends, neighbours and families were all supported as much as possible.  

The wider Churches of Christ network also pulled together through generously donating to our ‘North Queensland Flood Appeal’ with funds raised by churches, individuals and staff to assist directly with needs on the ground.  I was extremely proud of our efforts and the resilience shown by our staff and volunteers that are still cleaning up their own homes after this difficult season.

As CEO, I get the privilege to serve our movement by ensuring that we understand our mission well and that we stay aligned in our efforts.  None of these things though are as inspiring as seeing the lived contributions of over 10 000 of us who are passionately working to bring the light of Christ into communities.

I am looking forward to a great 2019.
Gary Edwards
Chief Executive Officer

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Posted April 16, 2019 in Networking blog