From little things, big things grow!

If you have driven past the Boonah Church of Christ recently, you may have noticed a little garden has popped up on the grounds.

"It’s just a small garden but in the words of Paul Kelly… ‘From little things, big things grow!’," said Community Chaplain Honni Hayton.

The garden is the initiative of Boonah community members who have worked with the local Church of Christ to establish a community garden on the church land.

Honni has been privileged to be a part of the garden’s beginnings.

"Over the past few months, community members and church elders have worked together to bring the garden to life. The elders were more than happy to provide the land for the garden, while community members have received donations of soil, garden beds and water tanks form local businesses. Some people have helped out by planting seedlings, while others have shown children how to grow potatoes in a bag!" Honni said.

As opposed to other community gardens that provide a space for those without a garden to grow their own produce, the Boonah garden offers far more than that.

"It is interesting to note that most of the people involved in the Boonah Community Garden have enough land and know-how to have their own vegetable gardens at home. It just shows that the garden is not just about plants! It is about bringing people together. It’s about community."

Once a month an open day is held, where the community can come and enjoy the garden.

"It is a lovely time as people come together to build garden beds, plant seedlings, harvest vegetables, and learn about gardens. They also play, eat and engage in fellowship. Last month we enjoyed a lovely salad made form lettuce, tomatoes, kale and herbs all grown in the garden. It was a special time. The local Scout group has also been involved, bringing their troupe to complete gardening badges at the community garden."

While it is only a small beginning, this community garden has the potential to bring people from all walks of life together.

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Posted February 25, 2016 in Our blog