Your help needed following Vanuatu volcano disaster

“Almost three weeks ago, around 10 pm, I stood on a dirt road a few kilometres from our clinic scanning the horizon. We had been told Ambae was erupting. And then there it was. My heart sank. No one died that night but now, in the aftermath of continuous huge eruptions of ash and scoria,  and acid rain falling,  people are getting sick and need help,” Lyn Cox, Executive Manager at Medical Santo in Vanuatu on 10 April 2018.

Volcano eruption

Ambae Island's Monaro Voui volcano eruption is a disaster that international media has largely ignored. Ambae is a close neighbour of Espiritu Santo, home of Churches of Christ Medical Santo (about 60 kilometres east) and at night residents can see the red glow as the lava shoots hundreds of metres into the air. Since early September last year, there has been an unfolding emergency situation due to increasing activity of the active volcano.

Impact on local community

People are running short of food and water as crops have been affected and they are getting skin sores from the acid rain. Massive ash fallout has meant that many houses and buildings have collapsed and the weight of the ash has also caused trees to fall. The ash and lava have also caused landslides across the island. All of this is limiting mobility of local people.

Recently, Navitora Church of Christ, near Nduindui on Ambae, had big stones falling on its roof. Locals had taken refuge there as they were afraid the stones would fall through their bush houses, so everyone rushed to the church building with pillows on their heads.

Medical Santo and Vanuatu Churches of Christ are joining in the relief effort and have sent funds and medical supplies—but much more is needed.

How you can help

We are calling for donations or other support for the people of Vanuatu. This is our family in emergency and we urge your prayers, compassion and generosity in the spirit of Christ.

You can make a donation online at or call 1800 600 900.


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Posted April 26, 2018 in News