Telstra supports Churches of Christ programs

At Churches of Christ in Queensland, our vision is that all we do contributes to transforming the lives of individuals and families so they experience a greater sense of joy, hope, possibility, connectedness, purpose and meaning. So it is always encouraging when the relationships we have with our service providers deepen into partnership through our shared commitment to going the extra mile, beyond a financial relationship, to bring transformation and uplift to those who access our care and community services.

A great example of this is our partnership with Telstra. The telecommunications company have not only been our phone provider for well over 10 years, but are supportive of the innovative programs we run to assist young people and families who are at risk of homelessness.

Digital connectivity

Telstra recently donated over 100 pre-paid $10 SIM cards and 50 pre-paid 8Gb Wi-Fi USBs in support of the Digi-Ask digital inclusion program being run by our Housing Services team and the new Youth CONNECT program.

Telstra supply our fixed lines, mobiles, our wide-area network (WAN) and internet connections, through to investigating health technology solutions for residential aged care and retirement living. Telstra recognise the care we provide, and have been strong supporters of this.

Digi-Ask will connect people in social housing, and those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness within the inner north of Brisbane with essential services by increasing digital literacy and access to resources in their Housing Mobile Office. Digi-Ask will be largely volunteer run and will provide:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Mobile devices to access essential online services
  • Charging stations
  • Use of printer/scanner
  • Recycled smartphones, computers and printers

The Youth CONNECT program is the first of its kind to be funded by a social benefit bond and works with young people who have been in statutory care to build the key capabilities they need to survive and thrive, and increase their resilience to homelessness. The program takes a ‘housing-first’ approach, ensuring that each young person has access to safe, stable, affordable and appropriate accommodation. Case workers then work with the young person to develop their resilience through employment and/or education options and personal development opportunities. Being able to assist young people with some mobile phone credit will help them as they seek to pursue employment and education opportunities and build community and social connections.

We are grateful for a partnership with Telstra that mutually contributes to achieving our goal of uplift and transformation for individuals and families and Telstra’s goal of fostering strong, inclusive communities that are empowered to thrive in a digital world.

Posted December 15, 2017 in News