Churches Of Christ in Queensland license PainChek® monitoring technology*

Churches Of Christ in Queensland license PainChek® monitoring technology across 1,000 residential aged care beds

PainChek Limited (ASX: PCK), a leading digital health company developing smart device applications for pain assessment and monitoring, and Churches of Christ in Queensland (“CofCQ”), a leading Australian Residential Aged Care (“RAC”) provider are pleased to announce the execution of a PainChek® licence agreement.

The PainChek® App will be accessible to CofCQ’s nursing and care staff to assess their residents’ clinical pain levels. CofCQ own and operate 28 Queensland RAC homes comprising 1,900 aged care beds.

The license agreement follows a successful PainChek® trial at CofCQ  involving a number of residents living with dementia. “The PainChek® App helped our carers identify the presence and severity of residents’ pain when their pain wasn’t obvious. This information allowed our carers to provide more effective pain management, improving the quality of life for our residents. Rolling out the PainChek® technology will mean we can better assess pain for our residents giving them access to appropriate treatment more quickly,” said Bryan Mason, Executive Director of Services of CofCQ.

“We are delighted to be working with the CofCQ team and to be a part of their transformational pain management service.  PainChek ® is fast becoming the new standard for pain assessment within Australian Aged Care. Today, close to 4,000 residents across 62 aged care sites have licensed access to the PainChek® technology. In less than a month we have effectively doubled the number of contracted aged care beds (from 2,160 to 3,780) and aged care facilities (from 30 to 62) since our ASX release of 12th March 2019 . In addition the number of PainChek® clinical assessments has increased from 18,030 to more than 23,000 in the same time period” commented Philip Daffas, CEO of PainChek Ltd.

PainChek Ltd will commence the CofCQ staff training and PainChek technology roll-out from 1st May 2019. The projected revenues expected from this contract is consistent with the standard PainChek® annual subscription license agreements1.

About PainChek Ltd:

PainChek™ uses cameras in smartphones and tablets to capture a brief video of the person, which is analysed in real time using facial recognition software to detect the presence of facial micro- expressions that are indicative of the presence of pain.    

This data is then combined with other indicators of pain, such as vocalisations, behaviours and movements captured to calculate a pain severity score. Due to its speed, ease of use and its reproducibility, PainChek™ will be able to be used to detect and measure a person’s pain, and then further measurements can be used to monitor the effectiveness of pain management.  PainChek™ has received TGA and CE Mark clearance as a class 1 medical device.

PainChek™ is being rolled out globally in two phases: first, PainChek™ which is designed for adults who are unable to effectively verbalise their pain such as people with dementia, and second, PainChek™ for Children who have not yet learnt to speak.

(1)    The PainChek monthly Average Revenue per Licensed Bed (ARLB) across the RAC customers based on the agreements signed to date is in the range of $5 per month, and the Average Revenue per Active Resident (ARAR) is in the range of $10 per month based on actual resident usage. See ASX release dated 31 July 2018.

For further information contact:
Ian Hobson                            Philip Daffas
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Tel: +61 8 9388 8290              Tel: +61 406 537 235

*   Painchek media release, 9 April 2019: Churches of Christ in Queensland license PainCheck® monitoring technology across 1000 residential aged care beds

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