3 December 2018, One of Us: Empowering People with Disabilities in our Workplace

The United Nations' sanctioned "International Day of People with Disability" is held each year on 3 December. The day raises awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disability and celebrates their achievements and contributions.
To mark the day, Churches of Christ in Queensland  will be hosting a forum in the Kenmore Community Centre with a range a guest speakers, including:

Keynote Speaker Dr Emma Phillips,  Queensland Advocacy Incorporated

Dr Emma Phillips is a systems advocate and lawyer.  She holds a PhD in law from La Trobe University, which explored the marginalisation of disempowered workers from and within the Australian labour market.  Emma has a keen interest in human rights and anti-discrimination law and the protection of vulnerable groups within society.  She writes papers and submissions directed at achieving attitudinal change and law reform and appears at public hearings and Senate inquiries on relevant issues.

There will also be opportunity to hear from key individuals from the following agencies which have extensive professional and personal experience in helping us to understand how we can support and reduce barriers for people living with a disability in our workplace.

  • HELP Employment & Training
  • Vision Australia
  • Instructor and Puppy Educator with special guest Ebony (puppy in training) from Assistance Dogs Australia

 Why is it important that we mark this day? According to the Australian Human Rights Commission:

  • Australia ranks lowest among OECD countries for the relative income of people with disabilities.
  • Almost one in five Australians reported living with disability (18.3% or 4.3 million people) in 2015.
  • Those of working age include 2.2 million Australians with disability aged 15-64.
  • In 2012, the labour-force participation rate for people with disability was 52.8%, compared with 82.5% for people without disability.
  • The unemployment rate for people with disability is increasing.  For people with profound or severe disability aged 15-64, the unemployment rate increased from 10.3% in 2012 to 13.7% in 2015.
  • The main area of discrimination complaints received by the Australian Human Rights Commission in 2016/17 were in relation to disability discrimination (20%).

Each year the UN announces a theme to observe for the International Day of People with Disability. The theme for International Day of People with Disability for 2018 is ‘Empowering persons with disabilities and ensuring inclusiveness and equality’.

This will be an informative event to learn what each of us can do to make our workplace more inclusive and equitable for people living with a disability. If you would like to attend, please register below by 28 November, 2018.

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If you have any questions regarding the event, please contact Lindy Drew-Tsang at lindy.drewtsang@cofcqld.com.au or 07 3363 1741.

If you have any troubles registering, please contact Maree Timchur at maree.timchur@cofcqld.com.au or 07 3370 1997.


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