17 October 2019, The Good Practice Forum

Youth CONNECT is an individually-tailored program that provides support to vulnerable young people by assisting them to get on their feet and survive and thrive in their adult life.

The program delivers sustainable housing and wraparound support for young people exiting or who have exited statutory care or custody and who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and aims to reduce youth homelessness by building the resilience of these young people.

We are the first social benefits bond in the world to focus specifically on this cohort. 

The Good Practice Forum is an opportunity for the Youth CONNECT team to present some preliminary insights from the Participatory Action Research and Evaluation work.  Our partnership with USC has assisted us to explore, and now present our insights from our practice over three key theme areas - homefullness, culturally sound practice, and case management.  The Good Practice Forum will see three presentations exploring the discoveries of these three areas, illustrated with case examples. 

Event Details

Churches of Christ in Queensland
Community Centre, Kenmore Campus Auditorium
41 Brookfield Road
Kenmore, QLD 4069

‎9‎:‎30‎ ‎AM-‎1‎:‎00‎ ‎PM

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Posted September 27, 2019 in Events