Key safes are ideal in an emergency

    Recently a Churches of Christ Care Home Assist Secure Field Officer visited a client’s home to do some maintenance work, and saw the person lying on the floor and not moving.  

    The officer immediately called an ambulance and they were able to access the home as he had the code to open the key safe.  

    Fortunately the client made a full recovery, but they were very thankful that the ambulance service could gain access to their home as every second counts in an emergency.

    Key safes are handy for many reasons

    This true story shows the value of outdoor key safes - an ideal solution for providing authorised access to your property.  

    Family members, friends and carers are given a simple four digit code to remember so they can gain access to the key safe.

    Outdoor key boxes are usually made from a robust metal construction. They come with a weatherproof keypad cover. Fixed in a discreet location, they blend in neatly with their surroundings.  

    The code can be changed as often as is desired and is simple and quick to change.

    • A key safe eliminates the need to hide a key somewhere on your property, which can put your home security at risk.
    • People with limited mobility may find it difficult to answer the door, therefore a key safe makes visiting much easier for everyone.
    • If you have regular visits by carers and support services, a key safe makes for quick and easy access to your home.

    How to obtain your free key safe?

    You or your loved one may be eligible for free supply and install of a key safe under the Home Assist Secure program.  This service supports you to live safely, securely and comfortably in your own home.

    To find out more call 1800 772 011 or give us your to do list…register today for $500 free home maintenance.


    Posted March 5, 2019 in Blog