Home maintenance and modification services

    There is no place like home. The sense of familiarity, safety and security that exists between its walls that makes us feel comfort and protection is something that can have significant impacts to our health and wellbeing.

    As we age though, sometimes our homes need to be adapted to meet changing needs as we are no longer able to complete routine maintenance and upkeep, and our physical abilities diminish.  

    Help at hand for older Australians

    Older people wishing to remain in their own homes, in the comfort of the house they have made their own over a number of years, have the option to receive services to help make their home safe and secure so that they can continue to live there safely.

    Our Home and Community Care Services include services for home maintenance and modifications as well as safety and security to support older people remain at home and in their familiar community for longer.

    Burnard Cross is the Maintenance Support Manager leading a team of workers who provide vital maintenance services to support older people in our communities.

    On a daily basis, his team is out in the community making homes safer for people to live in.

    “We do everything from changing light bulbs and smoke alarms to installing rails, ramps, fixing locks, dripping taps, assessing home security, and installing widow and door locks. We also offer free information and referrals and can organise qualified trade contractors such as electricians, plumbers, appliance repairs and locksmiths. Oro maintenance teams can also provide a one-off garden tidy and pressure wash driveways and pathways,” Burnard said.

    The team visits about 300 clients each week across the western suburbs of Brisbane, Warwick, Redcliffe Peninsular and the Gold Coast.

    A safe home to return to

    Jean* had been in hospital since 31 March 2018, and was due to finally return home in early October. But before she could be released, modifications were required to her home to ensure her safety.

    Jean’s husband contacted Churches of Christ Care to organise modifications to the house to allow for Jean’s safe return home. Our occupational therapist assessed her home and provided professional guidance to ensure Jean’s physical needs and safety were met. Following this advice, Field Officer Lee Harrison was able to attend to Jean’s home and make modifications to the bathroom to ensure Jean could shower safely and independently. Lee also was able to install a ramp entrance for Jean to have easy access around her home.

    After the changes were made, Jean is now happily back home with her husband confident in her safety and security. Jean is happy to be out of hospital and is looking forward to having a cuppa in her own home.

    A job with meaning and reward

    For Field Officer Lee Harrison, who used to have his own business in the building industry, he enjoys being able to use his many skills for a purpose other than to make a profit.

    “I had the skills and dedication to provide quality work, with clients more interested in how cheap you could perform the tasks.  Our community care clients are over the moon just to see you show up on their doorstep,” Lee said.

    “It’s rewarding to know you make such a big difference in their lives, for things that we often ourselves, take for granted.”

    Home safety and security in only a few steps

    There are many things we can do around our house, or that of a loved one, friend or neighbour, to ensure they are safe in their home, take in mail when you are away and have a spare key for emergencies.

    • One of the first things you can do, and one of the best, is for them to get to know their neighbours, who are able to check in occasionally and notice if something is out of the ordinary. They can also help with minor maintenance issues.
    • Arrange for one of our Field Officers, like Lee, to complete a free home and security assessment to identify any potential hazards or security risks that are present. Sometimes it can be something simple that can cause harm.
    • To make it easier to lock and unlock doors, change all locks and security doors to the same key so that you no longer need to search around for the correct key, particularly in an emergency. Make sure a trusted family member, friend or neighbour also has a copy of this key (do not leave under the pot plant).
    • Trim shrubs and bushes around the front of your home and have motion sensor lights.
    • When you are not home, have timers turn on lights and televisions.
    • It is also important that in the case of an emergency, there is a readily accessible emergency plan available to guide what to do.

    Home Assist Secure Program

    Churches of Christ Care Community Care can provide services under the Home Assist Secure Program. The Home Assist Secure program is designed to make the home more safe and secure and is available to those over the age of 60 with a current pensioner concession card. To be eligible for this funding, you must not be currently receiving assistance from anywhere else including; Home Care Packages, National Disability Insurance Scheme, Veterans Home Care and the Commonwealth Home Support Programme. Call 1800 772 011 today!


    Posted October 16, 2018 in Blog